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'EyeToy: Groove' (PS2) - Announced

by Thomas on Aug. 21, 2003 @ 4:46 a.m. PDT

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are pleased to announce the second title in the award winning EyeToy series. 'EyeToy: Groove' exclusive to PlayStation 2, will hit stores in Q4 2003.

'EyeToy: Groove' is a chance for everyone to fulfil their dreams of being able to dance live on TV! By linking the supplied EyeToy USB camera to a PlayStation®2 the player(s) will feature live on their TV screen enabling them to dance along with the on screen prompts.

Players take to the floor in front of their TV to perform special dance moves in time with the music, these moves will include posing, waving and swiping as well as the basic dance of hitting the rhythm zones in time with the music. Bonus points are on offer for how much they move their body, so the groovier the dancing the higher the score. Sky high scores will be rewarded with even more features allowing you to groove in a style not normally seen outside of a Justin Timberlake concert!

Of course you need music to dance and with over 25 fully licensed tracks Groove gives a range of music that will appeal to everyone. Artists include Madonna, Misteeq, Sister Sledge, The Jackson 5 and ...erm...The Cheeky Girls!

'EyeToy: Groove' includes a multi-player option allowing players to dance off against one another, while a challenge mode allows players to create their own dance patterns which can then be used to challenge family and friends in order to find the greatest dancer.

'EyeToy: Groove' is a very active alternative to other forms of traditional entertainment, an in game calorie counter is included to let you know how much energy you've burnt up by dancing, enabling you to work out how healthy you are being whilst grooving away!

With no complicated controls 'EyeToy: Groove' is instantly accessible, even for those with no rhythm! So come on everybody lets 'Get Down and Groove'!

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