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'Action Replay MAX' (PS2) - Cheat, Tweak & Modify

by Thomas on Aug. 21, 2003 @ 4:50 a.m. PDT

Datel Design & Development, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of video game enhancement products, today announced the launch of the world's first broadband-enabled cheat code system for PlayStation2, Action Replay MAX.

Using Action Replay MAX, PlayStation2 owners can now tweak and modify any game's code to their hearts' content, quickly and easily, and without any programming knowledge! MAX features an all-new, game-style graphic interface that allows the user to make powerful changes to any PS2 game with just a few easy button presses.

Rather than being simply a by-the-numbers update of the UK's best-selling game enhancer, Datel has totally revamped the best-selling Action Replay and rebuilt it from the ground up. What this means is that you now have a brand new user interface and amazing new features which take advantage of the latest developments in PlayStation2 hardware. MAX harnesses the power of broadband and ensures that you never have to manually enter another cheat code again!

MAX is such a huge leap forward, it has incredibly powerful new features that Datel's competitors can only dream about. The company has also listened carefully to its loyal customers and implemented many of their feature suggestions.

Here's a brief run through MAX's main features:

STUNNING GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE - MAX comes with a whole host of exciting new features but none are more immediately obvious than the game-style graphical user interface. With vibrant, multi-coloured graphics, icons, 3D images and more, MAX is intuitive and easy to use.

QUICK MODE - If you're new to the world of game enhancers and cheat codes, don't worry. Even if you've never used a similar product before, Action Replay's Quick Mode gets you into the action as fast as the name suggests. In Quick Mode activating powerful cheat codes is as easy as finding your way around a PS2 game. There's also an in-depth Expert Mode for more advanced users.

LIVE ONLINE CODE UPDATES - Got broadband? With MAX you have the option of automatically downloading new codes for the latest games using your PS2's internet connection, so you'll never have to enter another code by hand ever again (if you haven't got a PS2 network adaptor you can enter new codes offline using your game controller - MAX codes are published on, in leading PS2 magazines and on our phoneline). Using your PS2's broadband connection it only takes a few seconds to download an entirely new and updated MAX code list! No USB cables or PC software required. No other cheat code system utilises the power and speed of PS2 broadband.

BIGGEST EVER CODE LIST - MAX is packed with over 30,000 playable cheat codes for the latest and greatest PlayStation2 games! Choose from the biggest ever library of specially created, 100% unofficial codes for your games including MAX power; MAX ammo; infinite health; skip level; walk through walls; unlock secret characters, hidden levels and mini-games, and much, much more. All at the press of a button.

AUTO GAME RECOGNITION - Another powerful feature of Action Replay MAX is its ability to detect the PS2 game in your CD tray. Simply load your game disc and MAX will take you straight to the relevant list of codes.

INTELLIGENT CODES - MAX is the only cheat code system to feature Intelligent CodesTM for guaranteed trouble-free game enhancing. With other cheat systems you won't get any warning when you activate codes that clash and cause your game to lock up. Action Replay MAX checks every code you select and prevents you from activating codes that will have adverse effects on your game. This is the most common problem experienced by users of other cheat products. With MAX, code clashes are a thing of the past.

ENHANCED CODE ENTRY - There's nothing more frustrating than manually entering a new code or two only to discover that you've made a mistake and the codes won't work. It happens all the time - but it won't happen to you with MAX! Action Replay MAX employs a new self-checking system that actually eliminates code entry errors, avoiding the frustation encountered by users of other cheat code systems.

MAKE YOUR GAMES TOUGHER - Finished a game too quickly? Feeling cheated out of your hard earned income? Let MAX inject new life into your old PS2 games by making them more difficult to complete! Using MAX you can make many games tougher by 'unofficially' tweaking the difficulty settings. Who said cheats never prosper?

MAXIMISE YOUR GAME SAVES - Not only can you download new codes using MAX, you can also download new game saves direct to your PS2 memory card! No cables required - you only need a PS2 and a Broadband Network Adaptor. Just imagine, now you can access gamebusting saves that unlock all levels, characters, vehicles and more. Download Music 3000TM songs, updated FIFATM team rosters and much more, all using your PS2's broadband connection.

MAXIMISE YOUR MEMORY CARD - Memory Card Manager gives you even more control over your PS2 game saves. Now you can pack up to 10 times more data onto a standard PS2 memory card, ideal for archiving those memory-hungry game saves.

REGION-BUSTING DVD MOVIE PLAYER - Action Replay's DVD Region X movie player turns your PS2 into a multi-region DVD movie player without voiding your warranty. This new version includes a useful auto-detect feature that recognises when you've inserted a DVD movie. DVD Region X sells as a standalone product for £14.99 - but with Action Replay MAX you get it free!

Michael Connors, managing director of Datel, said: "We might have invented the cheat system 20 years ago, but with MAX we've gone and revolutionised it. MAX really is a tremendously powerful product, with a wealth of exciting possibilities for PS2 owners who want to get the most out of their games."

He added: "As videogame technology progresses, so does Action Replay. Being able to download new codes and game saves via broadband is fantastic for gamers, because it will save them the time it takes to enter codes manually. Yet despite all the advanced features of MAX, it's the slickest cheat product we've ever released, thanks to the icon-driven graphic user interface."

Action Replay MAX will be available from all good game stores from 1st September 2003, and can also be ordered online at The recommended retail price is £29.99.

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