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Ultima X: Odyssey

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer

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'Ultima X: Odyssey' Unveiled - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 22, 2003 @ 2:30 a.m. PDT

Get the Ultima X: Odyssey trailer off Worthplaying (21mb)

"Ultima X: Odyssey takes the genre to the next level through its innovative new Odyssey Adventure System ensuring that players experience a greater sense of adventure and reward from both questing and combat, “said Andy Hollis, vice president and chief operating officer of Origin Systems.

UXO’s proprietary and innovative Odyssey Adventure System delivers customized quests to players automatically and enables private adventure zones, providing adventures on demand as players journey through the world. An added bonus in offering players private areas is that they can’t be interrupted by “griefers” and other uninvited guests.

Strategic combat is another key differentiator for UXO that engages players in a fast-paced, real-time exchange of attacks and easy-to-use special moves. Players can choose their level of aggressiveness and a variety of combat styles, making the outcome of the battle as dependent on players’ actions as on their characters’ strength. In addition to individual combat, player guilds can challenge other guilds to gladiator-style dueling in privately created zones.

UXO offers a higher level of challenge, adventure and character customization through the Virtues, a popular component of the award-winning Ultima series. In UXO, players can ascend their characters to become the Avatar once they have mastered all eight Virtues. Mastery of a Virtue allows a player to unlock special powers and, eventually, create disciple characters. Players can build a pantheon of heroic followers, all of whom can aid one main character in pursuit of attaining the status of Avatar.

In addition to character customization, UXO provides an exciting level of customization through its item and virtue systems, allowing players to customize themselves, their inventory, their party or their guild in ways never before possible. For instance, players can enhance weapons and armor using either Virtue abilities or player experience points. Furthermore some magic items and weapons can level with players, gaining experience or Virtue as their character does.

Ultima X: Odyssey will debut this winter.

Features :

  • Dynamic virtue questing offers customized adventures and character advancement.
    • Unlike other MMORPGs, Virtue Quests are automatically offered to players ensuring that a player is never at a loss for what to do next and is always presented with a fun goal to pursue… a dynamic experience. Plus, the Virtue system allows you to choose specific virtues to follow that enable you to “customize” your character.
  • Private areas insure uninterrupted adventuring on-demand.
    • Private adventure zones ensure that the adventures are always available to you or your party on-demand as you move through the world. Plus, private areas mean that you will never have your adventure interrupted by uninvited others or wind up waiting for creatures to appear at well known spots behind a line of other players.
  • Items and weapons level with your character, becoming more powerful as you do.
    • Your adventures reward you with experience and rare items that level with you, offering both customization and advancement. Intelligent weapons and items continue to increase in power as your character advances through the game. Use “intelligent” items to your advantage in battle or trade them on the open market.
  • Strategic combat puts you in control of your moves.
    • UXO introduces a combat system designed to engage players in a sense of real-time exchange of attacks, highly interactive sequences and easy to use special moves.
  • Customized leveling allows you to combine character traits your way.
    • As you level in UXO, you can customize your character by combining abilities as you choose. Your character’s profile can be designed by you dynamically and is not limited to a pre-set template.
  • Create virtue enhanced items and weapons that you can buy, sell, trade or use to your own advantage.
    • Your virtue quests can offer rewards beyond simple skill advancement. Apply your earned virtue skill points to your armor and weapons creating unique virtue enhanced items to buy, sell or trade!
  • Challenge enemies to one-on-one gladiatorial duels or Guild versus Guild battles.
    • Challenge others to a one-on-one Gladiatorial duel and mark yourself as a champion. Initiate grand-scale guild versus guild battles in your own private arena. Offer exclusive wages tied to challenges and battle to increase your wealth. Make a name for yourself by climbing to the top of the rankings – until the next battle.
  • Build your own pantheon of heroic descendents that aid your main character in ascending to the level of Avatar!
    • By mastering all 8 individual Virtues your character can ascend up to the level of the Avatar. Along the way, as you become a master of each virtue, you can enhance your advanced level character by creating descendents in each virtue you mastered. Continue to ascend and master virtue skills to build your own cadre of heroic descendents and unlock special powers along the way!

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