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Pro Evolution Soccer 3

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'Pro Evolution Soccer 3' Announced For PC

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2003 @ 5:51 p.m. PDT

The news of the PC version is certain to delight football fans who have long called for a PC version of the classic series and Pro Evolution Soccer 3 represents the pinnacle of the franchise, with every aspect tweaked to perfection. The PC game will enjoy new player models, while all the on and off the ball moves that have made the PlayStation 2 game so popular will be faithfully recreated, while a four-division Master League allows users to build a team of superstars and lead them to league glory.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 also benefits from a wealth of new ideas that will blow the PC football market wide open. The game includes a huge array of cup tournaments, friendly matches and the aforementioned four-division Master League. An extensive training mode also allows users to fine-tune players within a series of skill-orientated challenges, from free kicks, to close control and passing. The game also includes a 'Shop' system, with players accumulating points via the training and exhibition modes which, in turn, can be traded for new stadiums, crowd effects, teams, players, strategies and hair styles, rewarding the player for prolonged play.

In keeping with KCE TYO's quest for realism, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 benefits from players that not only look identical to their real-life counterparts, but move like them, too. Similarly, the players have superb AI with forwards making intelligent runs and dragging defenders to make space, while the game's amazing ball physics allows them to pull off moves specific to particular situations. As such, long-range drives are now more controllable while players can flick the ball over a defender with their heel and perform deft turns to bypass defenders.

This level of detail is further expanded with novel additional ideas. Players have facial expressions which change depending on how the game is going and injuries are more visible with the addition of head bandages and strapped limbs. The crowd also plays a part in the proceedings; with the popularity of teams reflected in how full the stadium is, while they will also be dressed differently according to the weather.

With a multi-player mode, referees playing the advantage in foul situations, the option to control one player as opposed to switching between them, and new modes to select referees and switch fatigue on and off, Pro Evolution Soccer 3 is certain to set new standards for a PC football game. Every element of the game is far beyond anything seen on the format and results in a game where every flick and trick of the real thing can be intuitively performed.

Pro Evolution Soccer 3 will be released for PC in November, 2003.

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