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'LMA Manager 2004' (PS2/Xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2003 @ 9:52 a.m. PDT

Complete with a whole new look and even more player stats, LMA Manager 2004 will also deliver more flexible and detailed management options. Management strategy is more varied and rewarding throughout the main game and setting player tactics is a key new element to the series. LMA Manager 2004 introduces the ability for managers to assign specific focus and position tactics to individual players, as well as an entire team. Read more for some new screens ...

Managers can also set more detailed and more varied training and fitness regimes for players to improve specific skills relating to their playing position, whether it be passing, shooting or shot saving. Alternatively a Head Coach can be employed as one of your support staff to handle each player's development; he'll produce an informative Training Report to keep you up to date on your players progress.

Enhanced Player and Team Scouting modes enables managers to search for players with specific skills. Managers can send a scout to a region with a very specific brief, such as "Scout Argentina to look for attackers, aged 16-25, to the value of £1million, strong at shooting and heading." The scout will report back with a short list of recommended players. Scouts will now provide a more detailed written report on particular players or opponents.

And for player' wanting to really use their management skills, LMA Manager 2004 features a new Expert Mode. Providing long-time fans of the series with a real challenge, it's all about your football know-how, understanding player's form and making use of advice from your scout and coach.

In Expert Mode the quick-reference "overall rating" bar for every player isn't seen, providing a two-fold challenge for any seasoned LMA player. Firstly, when assessing players, closer examination of their individual attributes as well as the new form rating is needed. Secondly, when dealing in the transfer market, managers have to rely more heavily on scouting information from the new scout reporting system.

Delivering a gripping game appealing to all football fans and a deeper football management experience for LMA followers, LMA Manager 2004 will launch for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in late January 2004.

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