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No More Waiting For Codo – 'Laser Squad Nemesis' Goes Gold!

by Thomas on Aug. 5, 2003 @ 7:21 a.m. PDT

Just Play, the strategy game label of independent British publisher Just Flight, have announced that Laser Squad Nemesis has gone gold and will be launched at UK retail in September..

Just Play have made significant progress in re-establishing the forgotten genre of turn based strategy games in the hearts and minds of games players everywhere with the release of the critically acclaimed Starships Unlimited and Uncommon Valour.

Just Play's brand manager, Bob Malin, commented, 'We feel passionately that gamers want a return to true gameplay, while graphics and eye candy are important, ultimately people want instinctive, intuitive and addictive games. It is a blindly obvious fact, often over looked by the brand conscious, licensed-obsessed larger publishers. We know Laser Squad Nemesis hits all these criteria, it is up to us to spread the Gospel according to Codo'.

Julian Gollop, one half of the famous Gollop brothers and head of Codo Technologies said, 'We have produced games that have sold millions of units – remember the X-Com series? That was ours. We have been through the grist of the multi national publisher and this time round we wanted to do it differently. We know with Just Play that we have a chance of getting the proper attention that our product deserves; working with the right people who have proved that community focused marketing works. We have spent 2 years building an on-line community and have a massive paying fan base. What is more, the specialist press have heaped praise on Laser Squad Nemesis which has been a real fillip whilst we have worked our fingers to the bone. I think that we may well be seeing the dawn of a new publishing model, one that works not only better for developers but also delivers games users want to play.'

Laser Squad Nemesis revives a previous mass market sales phenomenon of the eighties (Laser Squad) and will strike a note of nostalgia with gamers everywhere. Laser Squad Nemesis is a unique two player, squad level, email strategy game, requiring a basic PC and a narrow band internet connection. You can play anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they have an email address. The game engine is a combination of turn-based control and real-time action with video style playback of all your battles. The email system allows you to play the game at your own pace, and play as many games concurrently as you can manage. New players are able to train before going head-to-head via email with their real world opponents. The game is a battle between three opposing forces. You can choose to play the Laser Marines, Machina or the Spawn and you can choose the composition of your force before each battle. There are a large variety of battlefields (over 30) and two different scenario types. Subscribers to the game are able to compete in leagues and tournaments, some created by the developers, others are entirely player generated

The final word on the issues facing publishers and developers alike came from Mungo Amyatt-Leir, Managing Director of Just Flight who own the Just Play label, 'Our job is to get Laser Squad Nemesis where it belongs – all over retail – so that consumers can touch it, feel it and hopefully buy it. The media have rated it as a ground breaking game, and we intend to make sure Codo get what they deserve. Rather than taking a big publisher approach and apparently chucking a load of stuff around and seeing what sticks, we're actually listening to gamers and giving them what they want rather than telling them what is good and what is not.'


Codo Technologies was formed by two veterans of game development, the Gollop brothers, who were responsible for previous classics such as the X-Com series and the original 8-bit Laser Squad. Codo was established to create exciting and original games that strategy games players are crying out for amid the current swamp of RTS clones. The first fruit of their labour is Laser Squad Nemesis, a continuously evolving, fast paced online game played via email. Codo's mission is to bring pure, refined game play value back to the game playing masses.


Just Flight is the world's leading flight simulation specialist and has been established for over 6 years. It prides itself on quality, value and customer service, which it backs up with a unique money-back guarantee on all its products. It has been recognised with nominations for 'Best of British' by the software industry and accolades from the Daily Express and Royal Mail for its innovative marketing techniques.

Sister brands include Just Trains and Just Play covering train simulation titles and wider simulation and gaming titles, such as Steel Beasts Gold, Uncommon Valour, Starships Unlimited and other developments respectively. Just Flight's community-focused approach to the games market has seen its launch of Just Football with club-specific football management games - a joint venture between Just Flight and experienced developer Smoking Gun.

Full details of the company's products can be found at:

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