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'Ulala Is Groovin' Her Way To The PS2

by Thomas on Aug. 5, 2003 @ 11:14 p.m. PDT

AGETEC Inc. today announced that Space Channel 5 Special Edition for the PlayStation2 is groovin' its way to North America this fall. Starring Ulala, an indelible dance diva and space age newscaster, "Space Channel 5 Special Edition" takes players on a futuristic neo-60's adventure delivering two rich storylines, unique visuals, funky tunes and a unique gameplay experience like no other.

"We are thrilled to have great and innovative content from Sega's video game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi," said Rob Alvarez Vice President of Marketing for AGETEC, Inc. "Space Channel 5 Special Edition is hip, cool and stylish and will be a perfect fit for the PlayStation®2 audience."

Space Channel 5 Special Edition delivers a swinging storyline, dynamic features and a gorgeous setting with smoothly animated characters whose moves react instantly as players progress through the games creating a powerful interactive experience. Space Channel Special Edition will include a huge array of content and surprises that include hidden levels, mini-quests, hidden characters and more.

Features include:

Two discs full of groovy techno tunes, fashionably in vogue characters, and game play spanning two completely different storylines that players of all ages and sexes will enjoy.
Take part in "Rhythm Battles", in which Ulala takes control of a musical instrument and plays in time with her opponent.
Give Ulala's singing voice a workout in the "Lyrics Battle" mode.
Additional two-player mode allows you and a friend to play co-operatively.
100's of funky levels to get down to.
Space Channel 5 Special Edition for the PlayStation®2 is expected to carry an estimated retail price of $29.99.

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