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'America's Army: Operations' - Update Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 8, 2003 @ 1:58 p.m. PDT

America's Army: Operations is a squad-based multiplayer first-person shooter that utilizes the Unreal Warfare engine. The update brings your AA game to v1.9 and adds the new combat medic class (and training), a new damage model, new multiplayer missions, new interface, new character models, new anti-cheating measures, and tons more. Read more for details and download links for either the full install or an update patch.

Get the America's Army v1.7 -> v1.9 patch off Worthplaying (322mb)

Get the America's Army v1.9 Full Install off Worthplaying (605mb)

What's New in v1.90:

Medical Training

This edition of America's Army introduces medical personnel to the game. Individual's wishing to participate in this feature will first have to pass four separate training courses. These courses are as follows:

  • Airway Management (In this class, players will learn how to administer medical attention to casualties that are not breathing.)
  • Controlling Bleeding (This course teaches how to treat wounded soldiers and control blood loss.)
  • Treating Shock (This class instructs individuals on how to treat casualties who are in shock.)
  • Field Test (The final course will be a field test in which players must put their new skills to work under the same conditions that they will experience in the game.)

Combat Medic

Players who successfully complete medical training will be able to assume the role of a Combat Medic in the game. As a Combat Medic, players will be able to earn extra points and contribute to their team's success by administering medical aid to injured team members.

New Damage Model

With the introduction of the Combat Medic, a new damage model is being introduced to the game. Under the new method, every bullet carries with it a maximum potential damage. When injured, only a portion of that damage is initially inflicted upon the wounded player. The remaining damage is suffered over time through blood loss, as well as the loss of combat effectiveness. Medical personnel who treat injured players will be able to stop the bleeding and save the casualty from further loss of health, as well as partially restore combat effectiveness.

New Character Models

All characters in the game have been replaced with higher resolution models and textures, as well as many new animations. This includes US Soldiers as well as OPFOR and civilian characters.

New Interface

A brand new interface has been created for America's Army, built completely from scratch. Not only presenting a slicker, more professional look and feel to the front end, the menu system is designed to keep up with the growing content of the game. This is the initial release of the interface, and more functionality will be introduced in future updates.

New Theme Song

Along with the new interface comes a new theme song written specifically for the game.

Detail Textures

Some surfaces will now present highly detailed textures when viewed up close. This feature will begin to show up more prominently in future updates.

Player Shadows

Both low and high detailed character shadows are now available in the game.

Lip Sync and Facial Animations

Training maps will now have characters whose mouths move and faces animate while they are speaking.

PunkBuster anti-cheating software

This version of the game will utilize the PunkBuster anti-cheating solution. To take advantage of this system, players must agree to the PunkBuster license agreement during installation. All official servers will run PunkBuster.

Other Additions

  • Medic comm
  • RoQ video support
  • New Scoreboard
  • New Team Selection page
  • New Class Preference page
  • New Server Admin Commands (see below)
  • Added remote kick by player number for server admins
  • Added 'togglebroll' command for pure camera view when shooting video footage
  • Added 64-channel support for Audigy cards.
  • Added demo recording (1st pass...this feature is still rough)

What's changed

  • All old character meshes have been removed
  • Removed all non-weapon attachments except hats and helmets
  • Decal counter applies to all DecoMeshes
  • New per-bone cylinder in the face of OPFOR character meshes. This should fill out the shape of the face better from the side.
  • Infantry always wears green gloves
  • Changed skin string replication to skin Material replication
  • ServerSetting=A.B ini file option format replaces Section=A Setting=B
  • Added support for telnet remote admins to kick and kickban by playerID
  • Screenshots will now be located in the /screenshots directory.
  • Made adjustment to scoring and playerstarts in FLS map for play balance

What's fixed

  • Various problems with bone traces. Shots should register more accurately now.
  • Fixed crucified-player bug.
  • Pawn now uses same height above Terrain/BSP/StaticMesh
  • All attachments get scale from Pawn for better scaling consistency.
  • Removed FastWalk w/iron sights exploit
  • Talk/TeamTalk will now close console after message is sent
  • Grenade crawling animations
  • Auth Server related issue should be fixed by 60 second timeout
  • Friendly-weapon bug has been fixed
  • Fixed grenade through door exploit
  • Rounds in weapons show up correctly when you first pick them up
  • Weapons dropping at end of round
  • Selecting player names on Admin Command Post player list pages 2+ should work
  • Auth servers should only report player names that have successfully authed
  • The effects class 'aux_light_ExpLight' no longer spawns an extraneous red light
  • 3rd-person muzzle-flash effects are no longer played in 1st-person view, and vice-versa
  • "Broken arm" bug
  • Doors closing through prone players
  • Fixed gamma when running in windowed mode.
  • Cleaned-up the behavior when using an objective and trying to fire/reload during or before. You can't use objectives and reload simultaneously anymore.
  • Fixed bug where you could fire or switch to grenade mode before your starting loadout animation finished
  • votekick exploit has been removed
  • Fixed issue where character lighting was ramping up and down when switching between spectator points.
  • Fixed bug that would allow players to fire their weapon while jumping
  • Fixed issue with 1st person hand skins swapping incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where bullet decals on deco meshes would drastically slow frame rate.

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