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'A Tale in the Desert' French Version Launched

by Rainier on Sept. 1, 2003 @ 1:07 p.m. PDT

Egenesis and Alchemic Dream announce the launch of the French version of A Tale in the Desert. Egenesis and Alchemic Dream propose a free trial period and the game is downloadable on the English website or on the French website

A Tale In the Desert takes place in ancient Egypt. The players' goal is to master the "Seven Disciplines of Man" in order to create an ideal civilization.

To reach this goal, players can create an economical empire by learning dozens of jobs and techniques, and by constructing many different buildings. They also have the possibility to create their own cities, chose their leaders and laws, and develop flourishing trades. The evolution of the game and scenario depend on the players,only their actions can turn Egypt into a prosperous civilization.

  • Seven Disciplines to strive for
    • Each discipline has seven tests, giving a total of 49 tests for your character to achieve.
  • Player Driven Legal System
    • The laws of Egypt are written and passed by the community. Laws can even be passed to exile rogue players.
  • 100's of Buildings ATITD includes a large number of buildings that can be built once the relevant research is unlocked.
  • Research & Technology
    • Seven Universities and Schools, one for each discipline allow players to contribute resources to research new buildings,tests, and
  • Guilds & Guild Specific Buildings
    • A powerful guild with a large camp can comand respect and power in atitd.
  • Combat Free Gaming
    • There no chance you'll be pk'd while playing ATITD. Conflict in ATITD takes the form of the race to unlock technology, or achieve specific goals.

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