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'Unlimited Saga' Comes To PS2 In October

by Thomas on Sept. 10, 2003 @ 3:57 a.m. PDT

ATARI and Square Enix are proud to offer fans of the SaGa series a special edition release. The Collector’s Edition is a real tribute to the breathtaking art from SaGa series’ famed illustrator, Tomomi Kobayashi and to the cutting-edge character design of Yusuke Naora, Art Director for the Final Fantasy series and UNLIMITED SAGA.

The Collector’s Edition package is presented in a luxury purple sleeve and the DVD case art features all the playable characters of the game: Laura, the ex-pirate, Armic the male chapa, Judy the genius witch in training, Ruby the fake fortune teller, the inventor Mythe, the novice carrier Ventus and the bold adventurer Kurt. All the characters can also be seen on the back of the sleeve, in a fantastic illustration delivering all the beauty and richness of this fantastic universe.

UNLIMITED SAGA is one of the most involving adventures yet to hit the PlayStation 2 console. It is the first title from the SaGa series to feature on the PlayStation 2 and boasts brand new gameplay from creator Akitoshi Kawazu, as well as an incredibly in-depth game-style mixed with traditional animation and advanced computer technology, delivering a truly epic adventure.

There are seven different strands to UNLIMITED SAGA’s story, told through seven different characters, each one pursuing their quest for very different reasons. Throughout adventures in far-flung lands, they battle against mortal foes who are attempting to harness the power of the mythical “Seven Wonders” – structures shrouded in mystery, in which ancients gods are said to lie dormant. According to the legends, their liberation will trigger the rebirth of the “Golden Age”. In the course of a festival, the seven chosen ones’ paths cross… Which adventure will you choose?

Special features:

  • Free Scenario and Map Movement provides the most open-ended adventure yet. Players can therefore concentrate on the fundamental concepts of any true RPG experience: Discovery and Growth.
  • The introduction of the “Reel” battle system adds a new dimension to combos and skill development. It works like a slot machine, enabling the player to perform different actions by stopping different combinations of spinning reels.
  • Innovative character development system.
  • 100% hand-illustrated visuals and new “Sketch Motion”’ animation which creates stunning graphics in an animé style, using technology developed in conjunction with Adobe Systems.

“For this unique game, we wanted to offer to the Square Enix fans - which are so sensitive to great art - a unique and exquisite package they would be proud to own and showcase in their game library.” commented Cyril Voiron, Group Marketing Manager, Atari. In addition to this, Square Enix has added a very special treat to their fans by including the exclusive DVD “Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue”.

“We are very pleased to be the chosen sales, marketing and distribution partner for the first product from the Square Enix collaboration. This should prove to be a successful product for the RPG genre, which is a very healthy game sector in Nordic” commented James Owens, Managing Director, Atari Nordic AB.

In January 2002, Final Fantasy X International, an enhanced version of the North American version was released in Japan. It came with a bonus DVD which incorporated a 14-minute story entitled “Eternal Calm”, which left fans yearning for a continuation of the story. Responding to their pleas, the story has been continued in Final Fantasy X-2. Previously unseen outside Japan, "Eternal Calm, Final Fantasy X-2: Prologue" has recently been remastered and will be first released in Europe bundled with UNLIMITED SAGA. A North American release will follow. This remastered version features English voiceovers, subtitles in five languages and an updated scene.

Taking place two years after Yuna’s fateful journey to defeat Sin, the once chaotic world of Spira has gone through a massive transformation, entering a period of “Eternal Calm”. However, even with the peaceful life they now live, there is emptiness in Yuna’s heart that is keeping her from moving on as others have. One day, she obtains a mystical sphere that contains imagery of what might be the Blitzball player she thought had vanished forever. Although Yuna isn’t certain that it is him or even if he is still alive, she’s driven to seek him out. Yuna needs closure to their unexpected parting, even if only to find that she will never see him again. So begins her journey: this is Yuna’s story.

Available October 31st 2003

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