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'Eve of Destruction' - Updated Mod Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 12, 2003 @ 3:36 p.m. PDT

Eve of Destruction is a mod Battlefield 1942, and they have released a 20% "demo" of the final product. Eve Of Destruction will contain not only new skins, vehicles and new objects, it features 8 complete new custom maps. Each map is different in their own way (from realistic to fun maps) and partially adapted to the Indochina Vietnam Conflict. Infantry Combat in EoD is more realistic and more action than in Battlefield and similar to more infantry-based games like Raven Shield or Counterstrike. Head back to the jungles in this modification replicating the deadly and vicious Vietnam War. Read more for download links ...

Get the Eve Of Destruction v0.2 Alpha Off Worthplaying (270mb)

List of changes:

  • added AH-1 Cobra Helicopter
  • added Mi-4 Hound Helicopter (2 versions)
  • added F-105 Thunderchief with Napalm Bombs
  • added Huey with Speakers (possible to play "Ride of the Valkyres")
  • added M-35 Truck (2 versions)
  • added M-46 Howitzer (stationary)
  • added US and VC Mortar (stationary)
  • added DShK Heavy Machine Gun (stationary)
  • replaced PPsh-41 with RPD Light Machine Gun (PPsh-41 still available on some maps)
  • added map Khe Sanh
  • added map Mekong River
  • added map Vinh Loc
  • added map Stream
  • added map Eclipse
  • improved old maps (balance, textures, object placement)
  • removed map Tonkin Air Engagement
  • added spin effect (if helicopter is heavily damaged, pilot loses control)
  • reworked damage system so that light infantry weapons no longer damage armored vehicles
  • ladders of custom houses work correctly
  • parachutes don't work on certain maps
  • M60's on Huey are more effective
  • improved flight code of CH-47 and added more hitpoints
  • new background movie
  • new menu and loading music
  • various small fixes

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