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Namco & Hip Interactive Deal To Bring Video Game Franchises To PC

by Thomas on Sept. 17, 2003 @ 7:04 a.m. PDT

Namco Hometek Inc. announced today that it has expanded its relationship with Hip Interactive Corp to license several of Namco's key video-game properties for the PC. Hip Interactive will develop and distribute PC versions of "kill.switch," "Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime" (working title) and "PAC-MAN WORLD 2" in North America and Europe in 2004. As previously announced, Hip Interactive will be releasing another top Namco franchise, "Dead to Rights" for PC in North America and Europe in fall 2003.

"We have a great opportunity to expand the commercial potential of our video-game properties through licensing," said Robert Ennis, Chief Financial Officer of Namco Hometek Inc. "Hip Interactive is an established player in the PC-games industry worldwide and we are confident that our franchises will perform very well for them on the PC platform."

"Namco creates some of the best video games in the industry," said Arindra Singh, President and CEO of Hip Interactive. "Their titles sell very well on the next-generation console platforms and we feel that together we can be very successful in the PC-games marketplace."

"kill.switch" is Namco Hometek Inc.'s newest internal development project. This third-person action/adventure game features a unique "Offensive Cover System," allowing the player to engage the enemy from various cover positions. Six war-themed missions are spread out across 18 different levels and feature environments from Middle Eastern deserts to an underground submarine base. The game also utilizes "Blindfire," enabling the player to launch a frontal assault technique against the enemy without being exposed to counter-fire.

"Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime" is a third-person action/adventure game that takes place on the deadly streets of Grant City -- a well-known setting from Namco's blockbuster, "Dead to Rights." As a member of Grant City's elite GAC Squad, the player will be submerged into the crime-fighting world of special weapons and covert tactics.

"PAC-MAN WORLD 2" offers gamers non-stop action with their favorite arcade characters. Players explore Ghost Island and help Pac-Man save his friends through six unique worlds. In the Maze Mode, there are mazes galore to fulfill gamers' cravings to chase Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde in a variety of 3D puzzle environments. There is even a Classic Mode for the nostalgic-at-heart to play the original arcade legend.

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