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'GangLand' Coming On Valentine's Day

by Rainier on Sept. 17, 2003 @ 9:32 a.m. PDT

Back in the days of 1920's prohibition, one man ruled the roost in gangland America; Al Capone. Game publisher and lover of violence, corruption, murder and extortion, Whiptail Interactive is to mark the anniversary of Capone's most notorious murdering spree by releasing its forthcoming gangster PC game Gangland on Valentines Day, 74 years after the infamous Valentines Massacre. Developed by Danish gaming bad boys MediaMobsters, the game, based on life as a Sicilian gangster will be released across the UK, Europe and North America on Valentines Day, February 14th 2004.

Commenting from his speakeasy, Chris Warrender, wiseguy and publishing director of game publisher Whiptail Interactive choked, "Like Al Capone, Gangland is a game that commands respect. The Valentines Day massacre is the most important date in gangster history and it is our pleasure to mark the occasion by launching a game in which you can live out the gangster life that Capone would of lead all those years ago."

Warrender, now paraphrasing Capone himself, mused, "As for our rivals in the gangster game market; I'll send them flowers."

"We have developed Gangland to give gamers a frighteningly playable gaming experience that will immerse them in the world of Sicilian gangster life so much that they are likely to start adopting Italian accents, wearing sharp suits and sunglasses and taking a new found interest in their mothers' wellbeing." Said Adam Gregersen, director of MediaMobsters.

On 14th February 1929, under the orders of Al "Scarface" Capone, a gang of men disguised as police officers murdered seven men in a warehouse in Chicago. Six of the gunned-down men worked for rival gangster George "Bugs" Moran who Capone wanted dead. The media frenzy that followed turned Capone into the most infamous gangster in American prohibition history.

In Gangland your character is born into Sicilian Mafia and must fight to earn the respect of his family. You compete with other mobs and gangsters setting up protection rackets, threatening locals, prostituting women, extorting and murdering people in your battle for supremacy and domination.

Gamers will be blown away by Gangland's hybrid gaming experience fusing real-time strategy, role-play, and simulation gaming genres with a totally new style of first person shooter combat. The game features a truly intelligent gaming system that controls Gangland's 'Paradise City' playing environment and the 500* non-playable characters (NPCs) who inhabit it. A life-long relationship with Gangland is ensured, as no two games are the same thanks to an 'Event Engine' that generates non-linear plot lines every time a new game is played. Just like in real Mafia life, once you get into this game, you can never quit.

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