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NCsoft Announces 'Lineage: Dark Conquest' - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 17, 2003 @ 9:47 a.m. PDT

NCsoft today announced the latest chapter to its massively multiplayer game, Lineage. The new epic, called Lineage: Dark Conquest (, is a series of six new episodes to be released over the next three years. The first new episode, Light and Shadow, goes live on North American servers today. Lineage first launched in 1998 and has grown to more than three-million active subscribers worldwide.

Lineage: Dark Conquest introduces a brand new character class to the fictional world of Aden, the Dark Elves, who live in shadows and darkness and whose nature is similar to that of an assassin. Just like other classes in Lineage, players can create male or female Dark Elf characters. Their characters begin play in Silent Cavern, where they can create and store new weapons and items exclusive to the Dark Elf race.

The Dark Elves evolved by aligning themselves with Gran Kain, the god of destruction. They were seduced by the power promised them and began to practice black magic. Over time, their bodies became cloaked in darkness, likened to the color of the god they served willingly and completely. Because of their habits of living in darkness, the Dark Elves have developed a special ability to see keenly at night.

Lineage: Dark Conquest also introduces the Island of Dreams, a floating land mass above Aden where players can teleport and acquire elixirs, which can raise a player?s abilities or stats permanently. On this island, players will encounter new boss monsters representing the four elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire).

Other episodes in the Lineage: Dark Conquest saga will add even more features to the already rich and exciting world of Lineage.

Lineage is currently available via free download at the official Lineage website or players can request a free CD via U.S. mail from NCsoft. Lineage comes with a 7-day free trial period. After that, a subscription of US$15 per month is required to continue playing. Customers can save money by purchasing four months in a single transaction at a rate of US$11.25 per month.

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