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'Spyro: Adventure' Coming To GBA

by Thomas on Sept. 17, 2003 @ 10:50 a.m. PDT

Vivendi Universal Games announced today that the next installment in the best-selling Spyro the Dragon video game franchise, Spyro: Adventure is scheduled for release on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in November 2003.

In this platform action/adventure game, Spyro and his friends have inadvertently torn a hole in the fabric of space between the Rhynoc and Dragon Realms. At the command of the elusive Ripto, droves of Rhynocs are now pouring into the Dragon Realms. Spyro must help close the hole quickly before the portal and Ripto's ego grow too large and the two realms fuse together permanently.

Developed by Digital Eclipse Software, Inc., Spyro: Adventure features fourteen new isometric lands, three playable characters, and new Spyro abilities including the Head-Butt Slam, Cyclone Attack, plus head-to-head and cooperative multiplayer game modes never seen before in a Spyro GBA game.

"Spyro: Adventure continues the Vivendi Universal Games tradition of strong character-based franchises and quality handheld game experiences," said Philip O'Neil, SVP Sales & Marketing, Vivendi Universal Games. "The new game features RPG elements that will offer more depth than previous Spyro titles, including quests, mini-quests, and a new inventory system, creating multiple ways to enjoy the Dragon Realms."

A winner of a 2002 Parents' Choice Fun Stuff Award, the Spyro the Dragon video game franchise has sold more than 11 million units worldwide to date.

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