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'Hidden & Dangerous 2' Mini Game

by Rainier on Sept. 18, 2003 @ 9:04 a.m. PDT

Computer and video game publisher Gathering and critically acclaimed software developer Illusion Softworks, today announced the release of the Hidden & Dangerous 2 mini game. In this multiplayer mini game, join a team of either Axis or Allied soldiers, and compete against each other to achieve the mission objectives. It's not just a straightforward shoot-out though; players will need a combination of teamwork, strategy and firepower in order to defeat the enemy. Read more for details ...

Players can increase their power by using points gained from successful hits or missions to increase soldier skill levels. The higher the skill levels, the deadlier soldiers become. But experienced warriors will still have to help out those new recruits, as no one will be able to win a game alone. The mini game is simple enough to learn in five minutes, but it will take hundreds of games to master the tactics and teamwork needed to become a real veteran!

To enter the combat zone, go to the official Hidden & Dangerous website, and visit the "Allies" section.

About Hidden & Dangerous 2

The sequel to the best selling tactical strategy game, H&D 2 puts you in charge of a squad of lethal SAS commandos. Set over European, African and Asian continents and reflecting the theaters of war where the SAS operated, Hidden & Dangerous 2 will be every bit as groundbreaking as the original game.

In more than 20 missions, from the desolate winter of the Arctic to the searing heat of the Libyan desert, Hidden & Dangerous 2 will immerse the player through both single and multi-play in the ranks of the SAS as you battle the armed forces of Hitler, Mussolini and the Japanese Empire.

Hidden & Dangerous 2 is incredible it its ambition, detail and execution - if you have seen anything better, think again!

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