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Schanz Closes Publishing Deal For 'Gorky Zero'

by Thomas on Sept. 18, 2003 @ 10:57 p.m. PDT

Schanz International Consultants (SIC) closes Gorky Zero publishing deal for Metropolis with Jowood. Jowood will publish the title in North America and most of the European countries while SIC maintains rights to finalise territory-wise deals in Asia.

Gorky Zero takes place a few years before the times of Gorky 17, as we participate in one of Sullivan's first missions that is a secret operation in the Ukraine. The game belongs to the popular sneak-em-up genre including a real time playmode. Cole Sullivan prefers to stay in the shadow but in the face of a real threat, he can pull out a gun and get rid of all his enemies.

Gerhard Schanz, MD, says "We are very glad to bring this FPS with great sales potential to the publishing house of Jowood. Metropolis is a very talented team and we are already excited about licensing their next title".

Bartosz Brzostek, Development Director at Metropolis comments "We all at Metropolis have very good experience with cooperating with JoWooD, and now we're very excited about teaming with them again. We've been working on Gorky Zero for over a year, and now we're eager to see the game released.

I must point that these agreement wouldn't be possible without the Schanz team, who provided us with inestimable feedback, and were our connection to game publishers.I believe that with such partners Gorky Zero Beyond Honor will repeat the success of its highly acclaimed predecessor."

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