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'Star Net Frontier' - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 20, 2003 @ 6:13 p.m. PDT

In Star Net Frontier you will be taken to the future world of alien planets, travel and trade, battles on planets and in space, alliances and intrigues, battle machines, rogue AI, and space battle-ships. You will be transferred to the far fringes of the Galaxy to survive battles, to travel from planet to planet, to make a fortune as a captain of free space trader, or to fight as a soldier for freedom, friends, ideas, fame, and money. Read more for details and screens ...

Features :

  • Highly flexible and modular design of the online world supported by dynamic game-play, based on a large-scale episodic storyline will allow to extend and update game environments and locales as well as launch a major episode on regular basis.
    • Each episode will be based on such events as civil wars and invasions, large-scale battles, discovery of new planets, natural disasters, etc.
    • Simulation of sophisticated economy and politics; players will be able to engage in cutthroat trade, support or oppose political parties, establish governments, and even declare wars.
    • Player-to-player and player-to-NPC interaction of the thousands online players in the single persistent Universe.
  • Game will support role playing as well as action game-play
    • Game will offer long-term goals of building the game character, clans and parties, building trade empires or star kingdoms.
    • In same time it will be possible to engage in fast running battles and conflicts with short-term results.
  • Experience of multiple environments using First and Third Person View:
    • Large open terrain environment - roam on foot or vehicle from 10th up to 100th square miles of continues open terrains including deserts, forests and jungle, hills and mountains, etc. Open terrain environment will support real-time weather and environmental factors (rain and snow, alteration of day and night, etc.)
    • Open outer space environment - huge network of star systems, connected together. Using a spacecraft players will roam from one star system to another, orbit planets, explore asteroid belts, dock to space stations, land on the planets.
    • Large indoor environment - play inside of such structures as factories, mines, board huge space stations and battleships.
    • "Water and underwater" as well as "in the air" environments.
  • Extended game community
    • Game will encourage communities building by offering advantages to players who would join or establish clans and guilds or join army units.
    • Sophisticated and easy to use game communication system will actively facilitate one-to-one as well as many-to-many communications. Later, game communication system will be integrated with regular Internet communications such as chat and Instant Messaging systems, which will allow players reach beyond boundaries of the game and invite fiends to share game experience with them.
    • Unique profession of reporter will allow players to record/replay events in the game. It will allow players to report and share in-game events and experience with other players in the game as well as with bigger community out of the game, on the web.

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