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'DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution' (PS2) Ships

by Rainier on Sept. 23, 2003 @ 12:04 p.m. PDT

It's time to shape up with the ultimate groove machine! Leading videogame publisher Konami of America, Inc. announced today that the newest and most exciting addition in the Dance Dance Revolution series, DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution has shipped to retail outlets nationwide. Available for the PlayStation2, the game includes chart-topping songs by high-profile musical acts, such as Kylie Minogue, The Crystal Method, K.C. & The Sunshine Band and Dirty Vegas, as well as a wealth of new game modes and features that will have gamers dancing the night away.

"Konami's dedication to the music genre is unmatched in the industry and the Revolution brand is taken to new heights with DDRMAX2(tm)," said Jason Enos, Product Manager at Konami of America. "DDRMAX2(tm) is packed with an awesome selection of music and new game modes that will excite newcomers, as well as long-time fans of the series."

In DDRMAX2, players enjoy a robust library of over 65 songs and 100+ minutes of authentic dance music. Included in the line-up is an exciting mix of licensed dance hits and original tunes.

Complementing the music is a wide variety of gameplay modes. The ever-popular WORKOUT MODE returns, allowing players to track calories burned while dancing, and the EDIT MODE gives players an opportunity to create their own dance moves. DDRMAX2 also brings new gameplay modes to the series, including a BEGINNER MODE that eases new players into the rhythmic style of gameplay, a NONSTOP MODE that offers numerous themed courses that are played without any breaks between songs, and an ENDLESS MODE that lets players dance to all the songs in the game as one continuous mix.

The visual appeal of DDRMAX2 is also enhanced with the addition of licensed music videos that play in real-time during gameplay and the return of the animated dancing characters. These graphical improvements provide entertainment that both players and spectators can enjoy.

Appealing to players of all ages, DDRMAX2 uses a dancepad controller that accurately tracks the players' dance moves to the corresponding steps scrolling on the screen. The dancepad plugs into the PlayStation®2 controller port and replaces the handheld controller.

DDRMAX2 is available nationwide as a stand-alone title or as a bundle pack containing the game and dancepad. DDRMAX2(tm) is rated E for Everyone and is available at a SRP of $39.99 (stand-alone game) or $59.99 (bundle pack). Additionally, the Konami dancepad is available separately at a SRP of $29.99.

To learn more about DDRMAX2 Dance Dance Revolution, visit the official DDRMAX2 website.

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