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'Battle Of Britain 1940' Will Feature First Auto-Pilot

by Rainier on Sept. 24, 2003 @ 8:54 a.m. PDT

History Channel’s Battle of Britain 1940, published by Activision Value, Inc. and developed by iEntertainment Network Inc., brings brand new functionality and features to the flight simulation game market with the new AUTO CO-PILOT feature that gives players auto takeoffs, auto landings, auto formation, and auto attack. AUTO CO-PILOT makes a real authentic flight simulation accessible to all gamers without ANY flight simulation experience! Read more for details ...

This new feature allows the player to click the Fly Me button and the computer AI will take over to get the player back into the battle, get the player back into formation, or attack the nearest enemy target. When the player accomplishes his mission objectives, he can click on Auto Land and the AI takes him to a safe landing at the nearest friendly airfield!

The realism of flight simulation games can be daunting for a new player. Flight Simulation games sometimes are difficult for new players to understand the mission, to find targets, or to maneuver the aircraft without extensive study of the game manuals. This difficulty is not present in the new History Channel’s Battle of Britain product, as the player can just pick his mission from a list of Instant Action or Campaign missions, click start, and the computer starts the player on the way. The player can play without any help from the computer AI or with complete help with the AI. (Anytime the player wants to take control of the game, he just does!)

The History Channel’s Battle of Britain has great features including:

  • Historically accurate terrain and over 70 accurate aircraft models.
  • Cadet, Pilot, and Ace difficulty settings.
  • Brand new Cadet easy flight aircraft view and realistic out the cockpit views.
  • 15 Instant Action Missions
  • 18 Training Missions
  • 12 Historically accurate Campaign Missions
  • Free Massively Multiplayer Online Dogfighting in the Battle of Britain Arena.

All of these elements bring the excitement, challenge, and ferocity of the massive air battles that took place over the English Channel during the summer and fall of 1940 between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe.

The new game should be on retailer’s shelves during the month of October 2003.

The new product will also have a FREE Battle of Britain Dogfighting Arena for all purchasers of The History Channel’s Battle of Britain where new players can practice their air-to-air dogfighting skills against players from all over the world. This dogfighting arena will be part of IENT’s TotalSims series of online games.

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