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Castle Strike

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy

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'Castle Strike' Officially Announced

by Rainier on Sept. 24, 2003 @ 9:25 a.m. PDT

After the remarkable success of their popular wild west game America, Data Becker recently teamed up with the developers from Related Designs to present their latest 3D RTS title: Castle Strike.


  • KNIGHT FORMATIONS: The sophisticated tactical options featured in Castle Strike are complemented by knight formations providing for additional special abilities that are triggered upon the assignment of a hero to regular formations. In addition the unit strength is significantly influenced by resting times, weather conditions, altitude, armor upgrades and experience levels.
  • COMBATANTS: Further to the assignment of a hero featuring particular special abilities, the player may also select one of three nations (Germany, England and France) with each of them offering 18 quite different unit types for combat: Melee fighters carrying swords, axes or spears, ranged combatants using bows, crossbows or arquebusiers, bomb-planting saboteurs, sappers and, of course, fully armored knights and their proud warhorses.
  • AUTOMATIC LABOR ORGANIZATION: In order to cope with the tactical
    challenges of Castle Strike, the organization of the player’s work force can be managed very easily: Clicking two buttons will turn a nation’s workers into builders (for automatic building, repair and/or fire extinguishing) or collectors (responsible for gathering resources) respectively. Both resource production as well as labor organization for the most part can be handled by either moving a slider or placing direct orders.
  • CASTLES: As soon as sufficient resources are available, the player can start building a massive castle. The keep and the military installations inside should be protected by upgradeable walls that are both passable and climbable. Heavy artillery placed within the castle towers will help repel hostile attacks. Additional enhanced defense measures can be implemented after extensive research.
  • PATTERN SYSTEM: The Pattern System is a unique feature to Castle Strike and was specifically designed for this game. It enables the player to carefully plan each phase of construction well in advance before actually erecting the castle – thereby avoiding the waste of resources due to badly designed fortifications. There are more than 25 historical economic and military buildings available for each nation.
  • SIEGE ARMORY: The siege armory comprises impressive towers, rams, ballistae, catapults, mortars, trebuchets, cannons (e.g. the „Hollow Hanna“) and many more. All of these weapons must be operated by the player’s own army. If left unattended or abandoned, the enemy may seize this kind of weaponry.
  • RANDOM GENERATOR: By use of the random generator the player may create new single player and multiplayer maps for up to six human or AI players.
  • Historical uniforms, armory, landscapes and siege weaponry, stylish medieval buildings, an intriguing (fictitious) story stretching out over 30 varied missions, realistically animated and highly detailed units, a freely moveable and zoomable camera and a stunning selection of tactical and strategic options – all of these features make Castle Strike stand out as an absorbing game experience for up to six players (in multiplayer mode).

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