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'POSTAL 2: Shares The Pain' with Multiplayer

by Rainier on Sept. 24, 2003 @ 9:03 p.m. PDT

Video Game developer Running With Scissors takes the concept of multiplayer to disturbing depths never before explored outside of politics or the priesthood with POSTAL 2: Share The Pain MULTIPLAYER Edition. Vince Desi, Running With Scissors' manic madman boasted "We're coming off the most successful beta testing since the Romans discovered lions liked the taste of Christians." Read more for details ...

In addition to the improved single player version of POSTAL 2, the Multiplayer mayhem includes (but by no means is limited to):

  • Gun-Wielding Gary Colemans vs. "The Man", a litany of pale face oppressors
  • Hasidic Jews vs. Towel-head Terrorist Tent-Dwellers!
  • The exclusive premier of RWS's wild Capture The Flag "spin-off" SNATCH featuring the fabulous POSTAL BABES in all their T&A!

"We thought that we were going to have to institutionalize all of the beta testers after they finished doing their thing," stated an almost concerned Fred Heslop, President of Whiptail Interactive, the publisher in bed with Running With Scissors.

Gary Coleman, California gubernatorial candidate and Guest Star of POSTAL 2, had this to say "After kickin political butt all day, I can't wait to go home and relieve myself by kicking the collective butts of my fans and constituents in some Multiplayer SNATCH."

Currently sitting atop the notorious franchise's seven-year history of making the most outrageous videogames in the world, POSTAL 2 Multiplayer is the latest offering from Running With Scissors and will be available as a free download to those who have already purchased POSTAL 2.

POSTAL 2 is published by Whiptail Interactive and is available worldwide now.

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