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'Spyro Adventure' (GBA) Character Biographies

by Thomas on Sept. 26, 2003 @ 6:44 a.m. PDT

In this platform action/adventure game, Spyro and his friends have inadvertently torn a hole in the fabric of space between the Rhynoc and Dragon Realms. At the command of the elusive Ripto, droves of Rhynocs are now pouring into the Dragon Realms. Spyro must help close the hole quickly before the portal and Ripto's ego grow too large and the two realms fuse together permanently... A set of character biographies. We'll know AI has really moved on when we start to receive character autobiographies. Check it out below!

Spyro T. Dragon (also known as Spyro the Dragon)
This stubborn, fiery, purple dragon gives new meaning to the term potent breath. Escaping the evil freeze spell cast by Gnasty Gnorc in the original Spyro the Dragon adventure, Spyro set out to heat things up and save the land. Spyro's curiosity and determination are his two greatest assets, and both have helped him rescue his missing friends, defeat villains like Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, The Sorceress, and Grendor, and restore order to the Dragon Realms. Spyro's personality is charming yet understated. He's a calm and
generally nice guy who leaves all the "attitude" to his buddy, the dragonfly Sparx.
Origin: Artisans World
Species: Dragon
Age: 12 - 14 (a smart dragon never reveals his true age)

Agent 9 the Space Monkey
Agent 9, created by the Professor, is a biologically superior, highly intelligent lab monkey. He hails from a rare breed of space monkeys in a galaxy far, far away. Agent 9 is a special operative whose forte is laser blasters and precision-delivered explosives. In fact, it was his accuracy that helped Spyro defeat the Sorceress in Spyro's third adventure. Agent 9's personal arsenal includes a laser blaster with infinite ammo, as well as a protective suit
that will deflect most any thing thrown his way! Agent 9's personality is driven and direct. He's terribly analytical.
Origin: Undisclosed Laboratory
Species: Monkey
Age: 14

Sergeant James Byrd
Meet the world's only flying penguin! Sgt. Byrd was raised by hummingbirds who taught him how to fly. Then he flew the coop and joined the air corps. He developed the first BAM's (Bird-to-Air Missiles), which are mounted on his shoulders. Sgt. Byrd can also pick up items and drop them with superb accuracy. As far as personality goes, Sgt. Byrd is military-minded. He works well under the stress of tactical duty and remains consistently focused.
Origin: The Southern Hemisphere
Species: Penguin (although he sometimes thinks he's a humming bird)
Age: Unknown

Ripto the Rhynoc
Ripto was first introduced to Spyro during the 2nd Spyro adventure, when he, along with his henchmen, caused havoc in the world of Avalar. He's a diminutive dinosaur, with a lethal Napoleon complex. When he wields his scepter, all foes beware, for he has mastered the art of magical spells.
Origin: Some say solid amber. Others say a petroleum swamp.
Species: Rhynocorus Riptosaurus
Age: Trillions of years. No one knows how he escaped extinction!

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