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'Weird War' - Facts & Screens

by Thomas on Sept. 5, 2003 @ 6:45 a.m. PDT

Weird War – that’s the title of a new cRPG taking place during World War II, which will be released under the Techland label. A dose of original humor combined with various and extensive terrain at player’s disposal makes this title very interesting not only for fans of such games as Arcanum, Fallout or Baltur’s Gate... Today Techland send us some more gameinfo and a few new screens, read more below!

The player gets entangled into full of twists and turns adventure, during which he travels across icy Greenland, hot Africa and through the Alps. During that time the player meets a crew of a German U-boat, helps some village in the middle of the desert, earns the trust of his teammates and meets the man’s best friend – Leon the camel.

Original and full of twists and turns plot, very much connected with the events known from World War II, combined with 75 quests and nonlinear gameplay, interaction with non-player characters, environment, and various equipment will supply the players with many hours of great fun.
Spectacular fights with over 40 different types of opponents in 150 locations scattered across Europe and Africa, and over 50 various types of weapons.

The player gets a chance to create a character from 3 available classes, 7 specializations, and over 50 skills. 60 different pieces of equipment will be available for the player and his teammates. Large impact of items on gameplay, skills, and looks of the characters makes equipment management an important element of the game.

Features :

  • Original storyline, full of surprises, humorous plot describing the untold secrets of World War II.
  • 3 theatres with 150 exciting locations distributed across the exotic backdrop of Africa and unique regions of Europe.
  • Nonlinear gameplay, over 75 quests and exhilarating interaction with NPCs, objects, and parts of the environment.
  • Spectacular combat with over forty different types of demanding opponents and more then fifty types of weapons.
  • 3 classes of characters, 7 specializations and a variety of almost 50 unique skills available.
  • Fully configurable appearance of the Player Character and Non-Player Characters.
  • Over 60 pieces of equipment that influence character appearance and abilities.

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