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'Gun Metal' Is Coming! - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 8, 2003 @ 10:41 a.m. PDT

The law abiding citizens of planet Helios, once a colony of Earth (linked by milestone stabilization of wormholes in space) are under attack from the very people they left behind : 'Earth's Forsaken' - the warring masses of their former planet. Having stemmed the onslaught of enemy ships, the ground battle continues its retreat, leaving the war seeming all but lost – except, that is, for project 'Gun Metal'. Finally coming out in Europe this month! Read more for some new screens ....

All remaining resources are to be focussed on a project to construct the weapon that may turn the tide of war in Helios' favour – the 'Havoc Suit'. As you battle against terrible odds in this prototype combat vehicle, you represent the people of Helios' only hope.

There are few who believe you will succeed where so many others have failed, it's up to you to prove them wrong...
Gun Metal, the highly acclaimed shoot 'em up which captured the imagination of so many X-Box gamers last year, is due to be released on PC CD-ROM from September 19th.

The title, which boasts awesome graphics and massive levels, allows you to transform (at will) from a 30-foot tall, heavily armoured robot engaged in ground-based combat, to a highly manoeuvrable jet fighter - taking your mission to the not-so-friendly skies.

As an elite soldier in a hyper-realistic setting, you will destroy objects in a densely populated interactive environment. Whilst ploughing down trees, crushing rocks under foot and ripping chunks of twisted metal out of buildings - causing herds of animals to blunder into battle - you can also enjoy the graphically stunning nvironments within the enormously open landscapes.

In the 14 different featured missions, Gun Metal challenges you to walk, run, and fly over a variety of deadly battlefields whilst facing an extensive array of enemy units. Loading from a massive armoury of spectacular and devastating weaponry, you collect essential survival intelligence and battle hover tanks, fighter crafts, monstrous battle fortresses & scuttling foot soldiers...

Gun Metal : War Transformed

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