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'Delta Force BHD & Team Sabre' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 22, 2004 @ 3:27 a.m. PST

With the Black Hawk Down expansion pack Team Sabre arriving in stores this week, Novalogic has released an update patch for the original Black Hawk Down, as well as the Team Sabre expansion pack. This update brings your retail game v1.5.0.5 and adresses a few cheat glitches, adds new lobby code, and various gameplay and balancing tweaks. Read more for details list and download links ...

Get the Black Hawk Down v1.5.0.5 patch off Worthplaying (35mb)

Get the Black Hawk Down Team Sabre v1.5.0.5 patch off Worthplaying (28mb)

DF: Black Hawk Down & TS v1.5.0.5 fixes :

  • New Lobby code added for Mod games.
  • Fixed Tail on Blackhawk so players cannot ride on it.
  • Fixed Sniper rifle inaccuracy glitch.
  • M16 leaf sight in auto lob is now changing range automatically.
  • Added fix for "X-Ray" wall hack cheat.
  • Square smoke’/Abnormal load screen bug.
  • Fix mesh glitch for Sniper.
  • Fixed Scope elevation inaccuracy.
  • Addressed 8 Claymore bug.
  • Fixed issue with smoke grenade that doesn’t stop generating smoke.
  • Remove Silenced MP5 warnings from spin map.
  • Fixed Claymores & Satchel charges not working correctly.
  • Fix claymores G satchels flitching up helicopter flight
  • Fix sniper bonuses awarded to non-sniper characters.
  • Fix cheat allowing users to move around before start delay is over.

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