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Space Empires: Starfury

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Action

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'Space Empires: Starfury' - Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 28, 2004 @ 9:17 a.m. PST

Get the Space Empires: Starfury v1.15 patch off worthplaying (1.5mb)

Version 1.15:

1. Fixed - The "Status No Enemy Ships In System" event was not working.
2. Changed - The game no longer requires the CD to be in the drive while

Version 1.14:
1. Fixed - Commodities weren't showing up in the list.
2. Fixed - Access Violation when you right clicked in Component Storage.
3. Fixed - Ships created for jobs were being removed from the game if the
player returned to a map more than 10 days after their first
4. Fixed - The set waypoint was not being reset for new games.
5. Fixed - Custom slot types were still not toggling correctly on the
6. Added - New fields to the CampaignData file to allow modification of
7. Fixed - Friendly fire no longer causes races to go hostile towards you.

Version 1.13:
1. Fixed - Protection for launching fighters was not using time factor.
2. Changed - Increased the chances of finding fighters in the spacedock.
3. Fixed - Players can no longer jump into a system at the last moment
to complete an escort mission.
4. Fixed - Stores & Commodities weren't always getting reset on new games.
5. Fixed - Added low level shield regeneration to all ships and low level
shield and hull regeneration to all starbases.
6. Fixed - In the Inventory Window, the "Display Options" will display
boxes based on a word within the "comp type allowed".
will display the box if the words "armor" or "shield" are within
comp type allowed. Engines key on the word "engine". Weapons key
on the
word "weapon". The Hull section will display any components not
in the previous three sections.

Version 1.12:
1. Fixed - Access Violation when fighters have lost the ID for their parent
2. Fixed - Point Defense would fire backwards if torpedoes were faster than
3. Fixed - Sithrak Dreadnought had too few crew.
4. Changed - Lightning Ray damage.
5. Fixed - Spelling of "shreds" in Fazrah speech.
6. Changed - Increased cost of engine components.
7. Changed - Decreased cost of mine components.
8. Added - There are now 8 possible sections to a site.
9. Added - Component storage location at most sites. Here you can store
components and then
later retrieve them (at a low cost per day).
10. Changed - Decreased sizes for all commodity components.
11. Added - "Uses Levels" field to components data file which determines if
the component
actually displays its level.
12. Added - "Is Commodity" field to components data file which determines if
the component can
have its value changed for the commodity listings.
13. Added - Commodity Listings window which displays the buy and sell values
of commodities in
different solar systems.
14. Fixed - The waypoint and target reticle will now show on screen no matter
the distance
to the target.

Version 1.11:
1. Fixed - Changed the event requirements for escort missions. Just before
the time for the job
expires, the map is checked to see if the escort ship is still
alive, if it is then
the job is a success. This replaces the requirement of being near
the escort ship.
2. Fixed - Energy consumption was set to the credit value in the last
3. Fixed - Bases that are destroyed through missions are now invulnerable
until the mission starts.
4. Fixed - The TCN Task Force was not showing up in the last mission of
campaign 1.
5. Added - Cargo description line to commerce jobs.
6. Added - A waypoint which you can set in the System Map window.

Version 1.10:
1. Fixed - Terran carrier layout had armor slot putting armor on the wrong
2. Fixed - Stores would retain their items even after a Load.
3. Fixed - The Display Settings window would sometimes error if you moved
the game from
one machine to another.
4. Fixed - In Campaign 1, changed the description for mission General Haynes
2 to "Perform
3 Pirate Mercenary Guild missions."
5. Changed - Mines and collisions no longer cause ships to become angry.
6. Added - "Weapon Tonnage Structure" field to components data file. This is
the amount of
damage a torpedo or directed torpedo can take before being
7. Added - Red arrow on the main screen which shows direction to target when
reticle not visible.
8. Fixed - The next target function should not select ships which are
9. Fixed - If a button was pressed on the start menu while the gamma was
ramping up, it would stay
at that brightness level for the rest of the game.
10. Added - "Weapon Beam Duration" to components data file. This controls how
long a beam lasts when
it hits a target. The total damage is divided over the life of
the beam.
11. Changed - Moved the "Credit Value Inc Pct Per Level" to each individual
component record.
12. Changed - Moved the "Energy Consump Inc Per Level" to each individual
component record.
13. Fixed - Store components were being created at levels less than 1.

Version 1.09:
1. Fixed - Some machines would cause the game to crash with an "InvalidOp
Point Error" when you pressed play.
2. Fixed - Some ships were getting added damage resistance when they
3. Added - New fields to the Main_Enemies.txt file to allow for greater
in the Resist All amounts.
4. Fixed - AI Response range in the enemies file will now be multipled by
the campaign's
weapon scaling factor.
5. Fixed - A ship's response range will be increased to it's maximum weapons
range if it's higher.
6. Fixed - Enemy Ships were not always firing on targets within their
maximum weapons range.
7. Fixed - Ships will now communicate out to their response range.
8. Fixed - Negative offset values for comp levels in stores.txt weren't
9. Fixed - Point Defense would fire on dying ships or fighters.
10. Fixed - The player's fighters would not cause targets to go hostile.
11. Fixed - The player would not receive experience for targets their
fighters destroyed.
12. Fixed - You would cause terran ships to go hostile by hitting your own
13. Fixed - Other weapons would not fire if marked as autofire.
14. Fixed - Directed Torpedoes should be working now.
15. Added - Directed Torpedo entries to the bitmap effects data file.
16. Added - Three new pulse weapon bitmaps.

Version 1.08:
1. Note - Patch 1

Version 1.07:
1. Fixed - The game crashing when a sound card does not support 3D sound

Version 1.06:
1. Fixed - Problems with Shield and Armor readout displays when readout
ability missing.
2. Fixed - Changed text of message when Quadrant Map or System Map

Version 1.05:
1. Fixed - Abbidon Battleship had shield slots mixed up.
2. Fixed - The Images and XFiles subdirectories under a campaign directory
weren't working.
3. Fixed - Some of the game pre-loaded graphics were not being overriden by
campaign graphics.

Version 1.04:
1. Fixed - CD Checker was only checking drives J or less.
2. Fixed - In Campaign 2, the Fazrah Stealth Cruisers were not showing up.
3. Fixed - Beams weren't doing damage in slowed time mode.
4. Fixed - All lowercase pirate ship name.
5. Fixed - Bases were not showing up on the radar map like the System Map.
6. Fixed - All job ships will always show up on the radar and system maps
regardless of range.
7. Added - Option to show the name of the ship in the System Map Window.
8. Fixed - Names of objects on the System Map would occasionally not show.
9. Added - Text will be displayed on the main window if you are carrying
illegal cargo.
10. Added - Text will be displayed on the main window if you leave the
boundaries of the solar system
(and your speed is set to 10%).
11. Fixed - You could launch fighters and mines by right clicking on them
regardless of whether you
had fighter bays or mine layers (hotkeys were working correctly,
right-clicking was not).

Version 1.03:
1. Fixed - Missing objects from SpaceObjects_XFiles would cause the
game to crash during map generation.
2. Fixed - Reduced list font size for better multi-machine support.
3. Fixed - LRS button was showing up for non ships.
4. Fixed - Point Defense would fire on fighters that were exploding.
5. Fixed - Can only have one Multiplex Tracking, Neural Combat Net, or
Master Computer component per ship.
6. Fixed - "Crew" on the main window would sometimes be transparent.
7. Fixed - Static in the display will only be shown if the Bridge is
(as opposed to not present).
8. Added - Time scale settings of 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2.
9. Fixed - Better time scaling for extra effects like exposions, shield
and firing flares.
10. Fixed - The Pirate Cruiser had a shield slot that provided shields to the
wrong side.

Version 1.02:
1. Fixed - Sithrak Portal Warp Point was too high.
2. Fixed - Employer names weren't showing up in jobs.
3. Fixed - Possibly fixed the occasional missing textures problem.
4. Fixed - Invalid Index in combat.
5. Fixed - Bad internal damage allocation.
6. Fixed - Ship Purchase screen would error if there were no ships to
7. Added - Restriction Type and Restriction Value to Components.txt.
8. Fixed - Only one Bridge, Combat Sensors, or ECM is allowed per ship.
9. Fixed - Shield & Armor Piercing Damage was having both Shield Piercing
Armor Piercing Resistance applied to it. Now, which ever
is higher will alone be applied to the Shield & Armor Piercing

Version 1.01:
1. Fixed - Set the Combat Sensors and ECM back to a size of 10. The
size was causing problems with ship designs.
2. Fixed - Ships should not fire on their own fighters, either with normal
weapons or with point defense.
3. Fixed - The Abbidon Carrier would cause a Range Check Error when
4. Fixed - Enemy designs would put multiple "Must Have" components.
5. Changed - Engine glow level is now based on current speed.
6. Fixed - Bolt weapons will now lead their target.

Version 1.00:
1. Note - Full Release Version.

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