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'Purge Jihad' - Updated Trial & Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 31, 2004 @ 3:08 a.m. PST

Freeform Interactive LLC releases Purge Jihad 2.0.1. This new version adds many player requests including weapon balance issues, new feature requests, and improved netcode. Purge Jihad is an online-only hybrid First-Person-Shooter / Role-Playing-Game set in the near future accounting a war between the diametrically opposed forces of science-fiction (the Order) and fantasy (the Chosen). Technology versus magic. Science versus religion. Using ESD (Electronic Software Distribution), Purge Jihad is offered in both a free (unregistered) and paid (registered) mode. The free, unregistered trial includes the full game without any time limits but is simply limited to 4 classes. Registered players will have access to all 8 classes.

Get the Purge Jihad v2.0.1 Trial off Worthplaying (340mb)

Get the Purge Jihad v2.0.1 patch off Worthplaying (36mb)

Purge Jihad 2.0.1 Build Notes

- Reduced respawn network traffic.
- Improved collision detection on player created items.
- Reduced player timeout from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.
- Improved packet send priority for less "lag delays".
- Reduced network traffic on the FreezeThrower by about 50%.

- Fixed bug that the dedicated server UI reported players as 1 level
higher than they really were.

- Fixed occasional bug that attributes did not change when classes are
- Better respawn Invulnerability.

[Skills General]
- Flash Minor Skill: fuse lowered to 1.5 seconds from 2.5.
- Disarm Minor Skill: will only require 33% of the Energy Bar to disarm
Barriers/Wards now.

- Frostbolt: +50% damage.

- Snakeblade: delay on lock-on (based on Dexterity), fixed alt and
primary damage inconsistency, +13.6% damage, +66.6% velocity.
- Defender: new blade waves, new backhand/double swing, longer
vulnerability window, 2x shield ammo use rate.
- Razor Matrix: improved sampling.

- Shadowblade: +50% damage.
- Vorpal Crossbow: +50% ROF, +16.6% damage.
- Flametrap: +12.5% damage, cannot be damaged by FF except with FF on.

- Gauss Rifle: +16.6% damage.
- Proximity Mine: +12.5% damage, cannot be damaged by FF except with FF on.

- SCRUB: delay on lock-on (based on Dexterity), -16.6% velocity.
- Razor Matrix: improved sampling.
- Sureshot: fixed bug where the +15 Dexterity buff was not affecting
lock-on penalties.

- Drain: +100% damage.
- Shockwave: +20% accuracy (primary), +20% velocity (secondary), +50%
projectiles per attack.
- EnergyKenesis: +20% velocity (approximate/Dexterity-dependant).

- Maser: +33.3% damage.
- Chemical Grenade: -50% damage (primary), +20% duration.

[Mass Bless]
- Mass Ammo: Fixed limited refill bug.

[Armor Bless]
- Protection: gives +10 armor class instead of +15.

[Weapon Bless]
- Enlighten: gives +20% XP instead of +15%.
- Penetration: gives +10 armor penetration instead of +15.
- Protection: gives +10 armor class instead of +15.

[Divine Intervention]
- Deliverer: -40% velocity.
- Invulnerability: Improved.

- Fixed spawn issues in Escom, Proteus, & Terminus.
- Fixed reversed Altars in Proteus.

The Purge Jihad 2.0.1 update is for both Registered users and Free users. Purge Jihad is offered in both a free (unregistered/trial) and paid (registered) mode. "We continue to support all our users," explains Freeform's Lead Artist Joerg Ecker. "all players have the same upgrade benefits." Trial users can play for free with the only restriction of having 4 classes, without time limits or nag screens.

In a market filled with clones, Purge Jihad establishes itself as one of the most original games. Unique key features including a Prayer System, completely customizable characters, a fully realized RPG system with experience points and character advancements, and support roles that utilizes your character skills. Purge Jihad is priced at $19.99 with a $5 off coupon code for a limited time.


  • Online First Person Shooter / Role Playing Game
  • Customize Characters to Your Tactics
  • 8 Unique Classes
  • 27 Major Skills & 3 Minor Skills
  • 32 Weapons (with Alternate-Firing Modes)
  • Music Tracks
  • 23 Indoor and Large Outdoor Maps
  • Player Creatable Constructions & Items
  • Earn and Save Experience Points for the Next Game.
  • Optional "FPS" Playing Style for New/Casual Players that Starts at Level 11.
  • Prayer System with Deities: Evod and Mabus.
  • 20 Divine Blesses and 4 Divine Interventions.
  • Gibs System with Blood Pools, Robotic/Cybernetic debris, and Limb Loss.
  • Customizable Weapons and Armor Upgrades.
  • Extensive Voices Messages for All 8 Classes.


Purge Jihad is developed by Freeform Interactive LLC and utilizes highly modified Lithtech Talon technology.

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