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'Empires' - BF1942 Mod Beta 1 Coming

by Rainier on Jan. 9, 2004 @ 12:09 a.m. PST

The Empires Team is proud to announce the imminent release of Empires on January 10th 2004! Continuing in the budding and incredibly exciting genre of RTS/FPS, Empires lets a player on either side command from a bird's eye view while the soldiers on the ground build, and play with the tanks, jets, and other goodies his strategic brilliance make possible. Never heard of Empires? Read more for details and screens ...

Have the mind of Sun Tzu but the reaction times of a epiletic goat? Get in that command tank and resource scrimp and order your team to victory. Got more sand in your camo gear than The Desert Fox himself? GET in your heavy tank soldier!! Your team needs you! You got what it takes flyboy? You know where the jets go! There is something for everyone who's into intense combat, addicting teamplay, and a god complex :D

The mod has gone through several iteration in internal alpha testing. But the din of gamers wanting to try it out has persuaded the team to release it's very first PUBLIC BETA TEST. There's a bit of dust to be shined and some reworking yet to be done, but you can get a taste of it soon.

So get your BF1942 all warmed up for the artillery shelling, mind bendingly strategic, G-force pulling gaming goodness that is EMPIRES 0.1 !!

Empires is a revolutionary mod for Battlefield 1942 combining first person action and real time strategy elements. Empires introduces buildable and destroyable buildings, a resource economy system, team commanders, and many other features modders of Battlefield 1942 have declared to be impossible due to no available SDK.

With buildable/destroyable buildings, the uninspired point system of regular Battlefield 1942 play is eliminated, leading to fulfilling gameplay where victory is determined by strategy and teamwork, not spawn camping. Each team gets their own command vehicle which is capable of placing buildings and giving orders to players. However, to build anything, commanders will have to have the necessary number of resources first. Resource points can be found around the map and refineries can be built on them to mine their resources.

Teams will learn that controlling these resource points is the key to victory. Infantry are also getting improvements such as heavy infantry having armor which reduces damage due to projectiles, making them tougher than other infantry classes. Engineers are able to give ammo, drop sandbags for cover, and build turrets for defense. The scout is capable of infiltration by disguising himself as inaminate objects. Infantry will no longer be useless compared to the improved armor and firepower of vehicles.

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