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The Punisher

Platform(s): PC, PSOne, Xbox
Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ

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'The Punisher' (PS2/Xbox) Also Coming to PC

by Judy on Oct. 11, 2004 @ 7:12 a.m. PDT

The Punisher, developed by THQ's internal developer Volition IncĀ®, will feature Marvel's darkest antihero Frank Castle as he takes on his greatest enemies from a history that spans over 30 years.

Mr. Jane has appeared in films such as "The Thin Red Line" and "Boogie Nights," as well as this summer's critically acclaimed "Stander." He brings a unique perspective to a character with an equally unique style of street justice. While Mr. Jane will contribute his voice, the character model will be based on Volition Inc.'s interpretation of the classic Punisher character.

"Thomas Jane's contribution to the game reinforces our goal to incorporate the best of everything Punisher," said Dan Cermak, vice president of product development, Volition Inc. "He will help ensure the game rips Frank Castle from the pages of Marvel and brings him to life."

Fueled by the murder of his family, Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher, sets out on a mission to clean up the crime filled streets in one of the most gripping storylines to hit the videogame market. The ingenious writings of Punisher creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis combined with Volition Inc.'s visual interpretation gives players an opportunity to step into the vengeful shoes of The Punisher. Never seen in a game, an innovative interrogation system allows gamers direct control over the amount of punishment enemies receive before releasing important information. With more than 100 unique kills, The Punisher promises to deliver hours of jaw dropping vigilante justice. Let the punishment begin.

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