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Just Flight Signs 'Mortyr II'

by Judy on Oct. 15, 2004 @ 8:15 a.m. PDT

Redback Sales today announced that they have appointed Just Flight to handle the sales of Mirage Interactive World War II FPS title Mortyr II for the UK.

Developed by Mirage, the game is an action-packed follow-up to the phenomenally successful Mortyr. The sequel is set during World War II and follows British intelligence officer Sven Mortyr, who is sent to his Nordic homeland to investigate rumours of a Nazi super-weapon. Sven is horrified to find his own father has been forced to work on the unit, and must thus use all his covert skills to infiltrate the Nazi stronghold and prevent the completion of the weapon and rescue his father.

Thus, Mortyr II's complex 11-stage mission begins as Sven is forced to engage the enemy on their own territory. Utilising a stunning 3D engine to bring levels set in Poland, Greece and the Nazi base to life, the game is an engrossing addition to the first-person shooter genre.

James Cato, Managing Director of Redback was confident that this was the right move for Redback. ' We have a good working relationship with Just Flight already and it made perfect sense for us to use Just Flight's excellent UK retail contacts and experience to sell Mortyr II in the UK. We feel sure that their reputation for quality PC products will help our sales within the UK.'

Just Flight's sales manager, Paul Hyslop, went on to add, ' We are really looking forward to selling this product, it is a little different from our normal fayre, but we are a PC specialist publisher with a reputation for high quality simulations and we know a thing or two about these kind of products. This is a real tub thumper of an FPS, so I expect Mortyr II to sell like hot cakes.'

Mortyr II will ship on the 22nd of October and is set for a street date of 29th October.

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