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Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Judy on Oct. 18, 2004 @ 7:32 p.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • Auto Assault - Trailer
  • Universal Combat: Hostile Intent - Trailer
  • Miami Vice - Teaser Trailer
  • Darkwatch - Gameplay Trailer
  • Axis And Allies - "Making Of" Part 3 Trailer

Get the Auto Assault Trailer off WP (48mb)

Auto Assault is a massively multiplayer game where you explore a post-apocalyptic world in customized cars, motorcycles, and semis. Humans, mutants, and biomeks battle each other for control of the world, using tricked out vehicles as their primary weapons.

Get the Universal Combat: Hostile Intent Trailer off WP (21mb)

Universal Combat: Hostile Intent, UCHI, is a pure combat focused game based on the Universal Combat core engines; but with the improved graphics and AI engines. Unlike our previous Battlecruiser and Universal Combat games which feature extensive gameplay and much complexity due to the massive universe, vast gameplay options as well as micromanagement when playing the advanced Commander career, UCHI features all our engines but minus all the adverse complexity (thanks Avault).

Get the Miami Vice Trailer off WP (5mb)

Miami Vice will be a 3rd person operated game with free roaming and numerous encounters and missions. The player can embark on dangerous raids and fast-moving gunfights in a bid to bring justice to nightclubs and warehouses of Miami. A gripping storyline featuring detective work, conspiracies and corruption will be experienced as the player strives to destroy Calderon's narcotics empire.

Get the Darkwatch Trailer off WP (40mb)

"Darkwatch" is an original first person shooter combining the Western and Horror genres to create a cinematic experience with unparalleled depth and game play variety. As half-vampire Jericho Cross, players must hunt down a powerful vampire lord whose undead minions have overrun the Wild West. The result is a stylistic premise blending western and vampire-horror milieus, and one injected with innovative concepts.

Get the Axis and Allies Trailer off WP (41mb)

World War II springs to life as you experience the most epic battles in the history of mankind. For the first time, the world's five superpowers battle for control on truly global scale. Direct the military and economic destiny of Japan, England, Germany, Russia or Germany. With each battle fought in real-time, comes the opportunity to create a new destiny as you change the course of history itself.

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