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'Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand' - Screens

by Judy on Oct. 20, 2004 @ 2:17 a.m. PDT

There is a rich amount of detail within Medieval Lords that the player should be able to see, not just from the god-like view when building the kingdom around you, but also from the villager point of view. In the first person view, players can see all the little details that make the Medieval Lords maps look like real lands. Read more for details & screens ...

The buildings and the environments are a feature that not only adds to the graphics of Medieval Lords, but also are a way to track how you village is progressing just by looking at the individual houses. When your village is in its early stages you’ll see the houses themselves will be small; only holding about 10 workers, just enough to help run a henhouse, or help out in the fields. As the village grows with food and water coming in a constant supply and the village starts to attract new town folks, you’ll see the house jump up to new levels as the house’s population increases, not only in the stats, but also in its physical appearance.

As your village progresses, so do your houses. There are nine levels to archive for the houses, each proving more difficult than the last, until you reach the point that your village has grown into a huge medieval city. You will just need to make sure that there are plenty of defences up; to defend against enemies ready to try and take over your territory.

As well as the different house levels there are to explore, there are plenty of different structures to build, to help expand your villages technology tree, giving you the ability to create new structures and more efficient means of food and defence production. When building your city, you need to watch out for environmental effects that can easily stop the production of your village. Environmental effects can range from lack of fishing; resulting in less food income for the fishing ports, or even a drought. This needs to be planned for ahead of time, expecting the unexpected at any moment to appear and show just how prepared your village is for any situation. It is not just a case of placing your village wherever you feel like; you also need to take into account the other elements when placing down the foundations of your village.

Different places on the map have different positive and negative elements ranging from close to another territories border, marshland full of disease, low nutrients in the ground for poor food production, hills, mountains and rivers that could be used for a free nature defence system. All these things need to be taken into consideration when placing the foundations of your village. Planning is the key and will enable your villages to grow into towns and cites.

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