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'Dawn of War' - Upcoming v1.1 Patch Details

by Judy on Oct. 20, 2004 @ 8:18 p.m. PDT

THQ has released details of what people can expect for the upcoming first patch for Relic's 3D RTS Dawn Of War. While no specific release date has been announced yet, the new v1.1 patch will feature 2 new MP maps, map fixes and the usual crash/bug fixes and address game balance issues. Read more for detailed fix list....


- Valley of Khorne: Critical Objectives have been moved to ensure each player has a point closer to their base. Center CO remains in same location.
- Dead Mans Crossing: removed cover from entrances to player's base from water.
- 2 new MP Maps.


- Power cost of Seer Council increased
- F2 Tactic - squads that are being attacked by melee units now have their ranged weapon accuracy reduced to 1%. Modifier applies to all members of the squad being attacked, not just the members being hit.
- Conceal no longer stacks improperly.
- Eldar no longer throw 3 Plasma Grenades.
- Seer Council ranged attack has been reduced.
- Entangle no longer works against Bloodthirster and Avatar.
- Ork Slugga Big Shoota damage reduced.
- Number of small fixes to attribute files.


- A number of issues have been addressed to improve game stability.


- Fixes various frequent AI crash bugs.
- Fixes gameplay options text bug for German/Korean builds.
- Enables cheats for MP games - only works if the option is explicitly chosen in Game Options screen.

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