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'Fear Factor: Unleashed' (GBA) Announced

by Judy on Oct. 25, 2004 @ 12:06 a.m. PDT

ARUSH Publishing along with NBC Universal Television Distribution, Endemol USA and Playentertainment, LLP are teaming up to distribute Fear Factor: Unleashed for Game Boy Advance, an exciting new multi-player game based on the hit NBC reality series Fear Factor.

The game puts the player inside the action of the hit TV show, and features 12 spine-tingling stunts that will test gamers' steadiness, stomachs and nerve.
Players can choose to play Fear Factor: Unleashed single player mode, where they will face five other competitors in an intense three-challenge contest to crown
a winner. They can also play other custom single player modes or set up profiles for six friends and challenge each other in several party-style multiplayer modes.

"This is a great GBA product," said Jim Perkins, President of ARUSH Publishing. "Fear Factor: Unleashed allows you to test your nerve and resolve in a variety of challenges, just like the TV show. With the engaging single player scenario and exciting multiplayer modes, you and your friends will find out if fear is
a factor for you."

Larry Meyers, Managing partner of Playentertainment says, "With more and more kids watching Fear Factor on TV, this game gives them a perfect outlet for experiencing the fantasy and excitement of being in the show. With its many levels of play, Fear Factor: Unleashed should create longevity in the game equivalent with that of the TV show itself."

"The game play is unique and very Fear Factor," says Elizabeth Sherman, Vice President New Media for Endemol USA, the show's producer. "Your character is assigned a phobia that impacts how well you complete a specific game stunt. There's even a virtual vomit meter and a walk of shame."

"Fear Factor: Unleashed will surely be at the top of children's must-have lists this holiday season," says Kim Niemi, Senior Vice President of Video, Music and
Product Development, NBC Universal Television Distribution. "This is just another example of how powerful the Fear Factor brand truly is."

Fear Factor: Unleashed also features several full motion video sequences and offers multiple difficulty levels. A variety of scoring systems and team vs.
team options also help enhance replayability.

Developed by DC Studios, Fear Factor: Unleashed will hit retail shelves in North America on November 20, 2004. Joy Tashjian Marketing Group helped broker the deal.

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