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Wings Of War

Platform(s): Arcade, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Nintendo DS, PC, PSOne, PSP, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360
Genre: Action

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'Wings Of War' - v1.2 Update Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Oct. 25, 2004 @ 3:14 p.m. PDT

Get the Wings of War v1.2 game/demo Patch off WP (9/6mb)

New Features

  • New singleplayer/multiplayer arena Jutland added. (full game only)
  • More realistic water reflection.
  • Red health pickup now repairs to 100%, not just partially.
  • Bonuses are fully disabled instead of just hiding the markers.
  • Disabling of markers disables target-hit-locking (manual lock is still possible).
  • "Classic" mode speed vanishing improved.
  • [F10] toggles displaying of score to altitute & speed.
  • AI gunners activated in instant action - in hard difficulty only.

New Features Multi-Player

  • New mode "Bombing run" - Player can harvest bombs for attacking and rockets for defending against enemy aircraft. (only one or other type of ammunition can be carried at a time). (full game only)
  • New "Hangar" multiplayer game mode. (full game only)
  • #rockets=0 to disable rocket bonuses (except "Bombing run" main base rocket storage).
  • #bonuses=0 to disable all bonuses.
  • Disabling of bonuses is controlled by server.
  • #names=0 to disable displaying of pilot names
  • #kick on clients option added.
  • Detection of modified game.
  • Improved color differentiation in multiplayer messages.


  • Plane controls animation in hangar.
  • Scrolling in long list of servers.
  • Backspace/delete keys in text input.
  • Empty name of server in profile that was created but never used.
  • Non-active hidden bonuses were visible on map.
  • Rare crash while MP voting.



  • Players may be kicked from a server for various reasons for a variable amount of time.
  • Kicked by admin (player on server) -> will be prevented from re-joinng for one day.
  • By voting of other players -> will be prevented from re-joining for one hour.
  • Automatically for team killing -> will be prevented from re-joining for one hour.
  • Automatically for bad connection (ping>500ms for more than 1min) -> will be prevented from re-joining for 1 minute.

In-Game Commands

  • Players may open chat and issue commands. Commands begin with the # character, anything else is a normal chat message.
  • There are 2 types of commands, local ones and global ones.

Global Commands

  • These Commands have an effect on the whole game. Commands issued by the admin (player on server) are processed immediately. Global commands issued by player on a client initiate voting.
  • The following list of commands can be entered by any player and are processed immediately.

Kicks the player of given name.
Note: The player hosting the server (the one with ping 0) can't be kicked.

Kicks player of given number. A list of players and their number can be displayed by using #kick on a client.

Restarts the current round.

Sets your new name (as others see you) for current session.
These commands take effect in the following round. Note: All these commands are disabled when the server is cycling through more than one profile or when server has limited voting activated.

Sets the arena. Note: Jutland is only available from V1.2.

Sets the season
Note: Some arena/season combinations are not present in game, most similar combination is used if requested one doesn't exist.

Sets game mode. Note hanger and bombingrun are only available from V1.2.

1 turns autobalance on, 0 turns it off

Sets timelimit, 0 = no limit

Fill game using AI players up to . Only for non team-based modes.

Fill Allied team by AI players up to . Only for team-based modes

Fill German team by AI players up to . Only for team-based modes

1 sets 'arcade' mode, 0 sets 'classic' mode

1 turns gun overheating on, 0 off

From 1 to 60 sets respawntime, 0=no respawning, last man standing mode

Sets max number of players on server, doesn't kick if there are more players, just disallows new connections

#rockets=[0|1] (from v1.2)
Disable rocket bonuses (except "Bombing run" main base rocket storage)

#bonuses=[0|1] (from v1.2)
Disable all bonuses

Local Commands

#kick Lists numbers of players for "#kick " command
#names=[0|1] (from v1.2) Disable displaying of pilot names

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