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PSP Launches Dec. 12 In Japan With 21 Titles As Support

by Judy on Oct. 27, 2004 @ 12:54 a.m. PDT

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), announced today that it would release its new handheld video game system, PSP (PlayStation Portable) (PSP-1000), on December 12, 2004, at a recommended retail price of 19,800 yen excluding tax (20,790 yen including tax) for the Japanese market. During the first month of launch 21 titles are expected to be released, read more for details ..
With high-quality graphics processing capability equivalent to that of PlayStation 2, in addition to rich stereo sound, PSP offers the joy of playing full-scale 3D-CG games and viewing high resolution video images anytime, anywhere.

Equipped with a wireless LAN feature (IEEE802.11b), PSP enables users to connect to the Internet through access points, making it possible for users to download game characters and content and also to play games on-line with families, friends and on-line community members. For a more intimate gaming experience, a maximum of 16 PSP systems can be connected wirelessly through the ad-hoc mode allowing family and friends to create an instant yet powerful local on-line entertainment community (*1).

PSP features an integrated high output lithium-ion battery that provides play time of between 4 and 6 hours for game titles and continuous 4 to 5 hours for video viewing. (SCEI actual measurement) (*2)

With PSP, the world of PlayStation, people's most favorite platform, is further enhanced. A 4.3 inch wide 16:9 high resolution LCD screen, the largest in a handheld gaming device, creates a personal environment in which to enjoy games, music and video anytime, anywhere, with a dynamism that has never been possible before.

To accompany the launch of the PSP system, a total of 21 game titles from SCE and third party software developers and publishers will be released by the end of this year. In addition to these titles, over 100 exciting new titles are currently in development. Innovative titles using the unique features of PSP, as well as PSP versions of hit titles that have been the drivers of the PlayStation platform will continuously be introduced.

Entertainment software of an entirely new category mixing game, music and video on a single UMD is expected to be released in spring 2005, further enriching the world of PSP.

As of October 27th, 2004 :

  • BANDAI CO.,LTD - LUMINES - Music & Luminary Action Puzzle
  • BANDAI CO.,LTD - The legend of heroes Gagharvtrilogy White Witch - Role Playing Game
  • CAPCOM - VAMPIRE CHRONICLE The Chaos Tower - Fighting
  • CyberFront Corporation - KOLLON - Puzzle Action
  • Electronic Arts K. K. - Need for Speed Underground Rivals (Working Title) - Race
  • Electronic Arts K. K. - Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Working Title - Golf
  • FromSoftware, Inc. - ARMORED CORE FORMULA FRONT - Mech Customizing Simulation
  • HUDSON SOFT CO., LTD. - RENGOKU: The Tower of Purgatory - Action Role Playing Game
  • KOEI Co., Ltd. - Dynasty Warriors - Action
  • KOEI Co., Ltd. - Mahjong (Working Title - Table
  • Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc. - METAL GEAR ACID
  • Marvelous Interactive Inc. - AI Go - Board Game Master
  • Marvelous Interactive Inc. - AI Mah-Jong - Board Game Master
  • Marvelous Interactive Inc. - AI Shogi (Japanese Chess) - Board Game Master
  • Sega Corporation - Puyo Pop Fever - Puzzle
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. - Dokodemo Issyo - Misc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. - Hot Shots Golf - Sports, Golf
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