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'Reprisal' (PS2/Xbox/PC) Announced - Screens

by Judy on Oct. 3, 2004 @ 2:59 p.m. PDT

Reprisal is a game that combines all of the elements of the most popular “first person shooter” (FPS) games into one package with RPG elements. Players of Reprisal will be able to experience the nail-biting action of Quake, the stealth gameplay of Thief, and the adaptive development of Deus Ex (thanks GenGamers). Read more for details and screens..

Reprisal is the story of conflict between three races over a space station (Joshua 20) at the edge of our solar system Humans have kept their CAT battle machines stationed there in case of conflict for centuries. The invading alien army, guided by a Prince who seeks to prove himself, struck the station first, seeking to turn these weapons against their masters. The plan goes awry, causing the CATs to turn against both human and alien, and trapping all three races together in a desperate struggle for survival.

As the game progresses, the player will take control of beings from each of the three sides of the battle and learn to use their unique powers and abilities. These races are:

Cyborg Assault Tanks (CATs) – Vicious and overwhelmingly powerful, these killing machines were once used to fight wars for humans. In Reprisal, they have turned against their masters and gone into a killing frenzy.

Humans – Weak and devoid of natural armaments, humans are the most adaptable of the three races. They are also able to squeeze into areas of the space station the others can’t access.

Aliens – Masters of genetic engineering, aliens are capable of altering their own bodies to suit their needs. While not as overwhelming in force as the CATs, aliens have the distinct advantage of being able to retreat from battle only to return more powerful than before.

Playing each race requires a different skill set. For example, while CATs can charge into battle, wildly firing at everything, Humans need to sneak around conflicts, searching for a safe place to attack from.

While the game is set entirely on a space station, it has been designed to contain a large enough variety of environments to satisfy even the most hard-core gamer. During the course of the game, the player will venture through enormous mechanical devices, simulations of alien worlds, zoos filled with genetically engineered monsters, infested hallways that come alive, and even venture out onto the hull of the station itself.

Innovations (What’s new about it?)
In order to keep development time short (under a year would be ideal), the programming innovations for the game will be kept under strict control. Some examples of what will be put into the game are:

Adaptive characters – The player will be able to adapt the look and abilities of the characters they play. In some cases, these changes will be minor (replacing a hand with a sword) and other cases will be major (replacing the lower torso with wheels).

Destructable weaponry and environments – Certain weapons will become available that allow the player to knock holes in some walls and destroy some weaponry (to keep it out of the “wrong hands”).

Body specific targeting and damage - over forty different spots on the body where the player can cause damage to the opponents.

Overlapping story lines – Players will encounter themselves in previous and future incarnations as they play through the scenario. Injuring the alien prince in one mission will make it more difficulty when you are playing that prince in a later mission.

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