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'Kien' (GBA) Looking For Publisher - Screens

by Judy on Oct. 6, 2004 @ 9:56 a.m. PDT

Kien is an action/platform game with RPG elements. The player's task is to complete an epic, non-linear quest in a fanstasy-inspired world, helping the two young heroes in their challenge to defeat the Powers of Evil. P.M. STUDIOS today announce officially that his GBA game KIEN is looking for a new worldwide publisher.

The world of Kien is composed of 23 long, challenging levels, each boasting richly detailed and colourful 2D graphics, appealing features, well-animated characters as well as eye-pleasing environments and backgrounds.

The atmosphere of the game is epic, despite of the cute, cartoon-style graphics. The storyline is deep and intriguing and the action is always paced, with a large number of enemies to get rid of and a number of missions to be accomplished.

Kien offers a well-balanced mix of arcade and RPG elements: the game require the user to both prove his skills with the control system defeating hordes of lethal enemies and to carefully plan his progress in the game completing missions.

The Secret of Kien


Only Silence remains,

For 7000 years Planet Kieter
Has been wisely ruled
By 7 Masters of the Absolute.

But Caos has reborn.
As a mortal plague,
Evil is corrupting Land of Harmony

The 7 Masters vanished,
Mystical Warriors slaughthered,
The Temples doomed in blood.

Our only hope is imprisoned
In Hearts and Willings
Of two young Apprentices.

Their fate is to fight Evil, reveal Truth
And to discover... ...the secret of KIEN.

Main Features

  • 2 playable characters, each of them with her/his own unique attributes and skills
  • pure action/adventure with RPG features
  • access to secret levels and Trasformations
  • 4 secret levels
  • absolute deep involvement within the Game
  • high appealing Graphics
  • Great Variety of:
    • levels
    • enemies
    • weapons
    • spells
    • quests
    • adventures
    • Power-ups & Secret Power-ups

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