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Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Judy on Oct. 9, 2004 @ 9:53 p.m. PDT

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • X2: The Return - GC 2004 Trailer
  • Ghost Recon 2 - Trailer
  • Take Command 1861 - Trailer
  • Pacific Fighters - Trailer

Get the Ghost Recon 2 Trailer off WP (24mb)

Ghost Recon 2 will continue the tradition of intensity and realism associated with Ubisoft's Tom Clancy brand, with an emotionally charged storyline, a completely redesigned graphics engine and the most intuitive gameplay to date, to fully immerse gamers into the chaos of a high tech war. The game will offer more action than ever before, as it puts players in command of an elite squad of special forces thrust into a tense political situation in East Asia. In addition, the top-notch multiplayer action that gamers expect from Red Storm will once again place Ghost Recon at the top of online console and PC gaming and will be a must-have for all online gaming fans this holiday season.

Get the Take Command 1861 Trailer off WP (16mb)

“Take Command 1861 - The Civil War” is what the industry is calling today a garage game. A game created by a group of individuals on their own time using their own resources with no external funding from publishers or investors. Our goal is to create a fun real time war game. We follow all the rules and use the weapons, strategies, and tactics of the Civil War without limiting our game play to the actual battles of the era. The game engine that we are developing will be fully customizable by the player. You will be able to create your own maps, modify ballistics, and basically change the entire game (thanks 3DGamers).

Get the X2: The Return GC 2004 Trailer off WP (52mb)

Enhancing and extending the gameplay of the award winning X²- THE THREAT; the expansion pack adds many exciting new features and involves players in a thrilling new storyline.X² - The Return will further extend the free roaming universe, combining it with a greatly improved, intense storyline and innovative new game play styles. X² - The Threat took space trading gaming to the next level. X² - The Return will give players an even greater experience.

Get the Pacific Fighters Trailer off WP (18mb)

The award-winning flight combat from Oleg Maddox's IL-2 series moves the setting from the Eastern front to the fierce combat of the Pacific theater. Allied fighters and bombers square off against the notorious air power of the Japanese empire. For the first time, a large variety of British aircraft will be included along with U.S. and Australian planes. Target enemy ships, vehicles, airfields, and a host of AI-controlled aircraft. Re-enact some of the most famous air battles of WWII in places like Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima.

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