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'Ground Control II: Operation Exodus' - v1.0.0.8 Patch Available NOW

by Judy on Nov. 11, 2004 @ 4:42 p.m. PST

Massive Ent has finally released the downloadable version of the first patch for its 3D RTS 'Ground Control II: Operation Exodus.' This update brings your retail game to v1.0.0.8. and adds new interface and chat options, server auto-kick functionality, balance tweaks, the usual bug & crash fixes, etc. Read more for detailed fix list and download links...

Get the GC II: Operation Exodus v1.0.0.8 [US/UK] patch off WP (5/15mb)

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus -- Version (Patch 2)


- Press SPACE for last event, moves the camera to the last event of importance.
NOTE! If you want to use this in an existing profile you will need to map this key manually in the options menu under camera settings.

- Added option to use Waveout instead of DirectSound via sound quality slider

- Added option to load a saved game from the Single Player in-game menu

- Added Dedicated Server auto-kick functionality, DS will now Restart if players in the lobby has been idle for over 20 minutes.

- Added option to expand Chat, ChatRooms, ChatRoomPlayers, Friends, Message, ActiveMessages guis.

- All Massgate regions have been removed now all players join the same chat lobby.

- Shields no longer block support weapons.


- Removed an buggy user notification telling user they need to update their GeForce Go Drivers

- Pathing / Avoidance, fixes calculation of formation points so that groups of units aren't given invalid move targets in impassable terrain

- Random faction bug, Fixed so dropship is now the same as when selecting a faction.

- Gamespy Arcade staging, fixes problem where GCII servers only appeared in Gamespy Arcade when in developer (staging) mode.

- Camera drop fix, fixes problem with camera drops into ravines.

- Follow command fixed, units will no longer push units they follow.

- Units now stop at their maximum fire range when attacking.

- Engineer auto-repair fixed.

- Locked camera height, fixed camera height to not reset when jumping between unit selections

- Fixed bug with destroyed dropship having some upgrades.

- fixed bug with not being able to see enemy dropship upgrades.


If the game stops with a black screen after watching the intro cinematics, please consider changing display drivers. A few users have reported problems using nVidia ForceWare 61.xx drivers with their GeForce FX cards. New drivers should be out shortly, but in the meantime either downgrade to older official drivers or be bold and try newer beta drivers.

(1) = Primary mode
(2) = Secondary mode

All units now have lower perception range


- (2) - stealth increased.

NSA Siege Soldier
- AP Cost increased.

- (1) - Projectile damage decreased.
- (1 & 2) - Armor value front decreased.
- cost increased.
- maintenance increase.
- armor back decreased.
- Can no longer attack air.

NSA Scout Vehicle
- AP Cost increased.
- (1) - Projectile damage changed from AT -> Machinegun
- (1) - Projectile damage decreased.

NSA Heavy Terradyne
- (1) - Weapon range increased.
- (1) - Movement speed increased.

NSA Liberator Terradyne
- AP Cost reduced.
- (1) Projectile speed increased.
- (1) Projectile damage increased.

NSA Flame Tank
- (2) Projectile speed increased.

NSA Artillery
- Maintenance cost increased.

NSA Transport Copter
- Health increased from.
- (2) AMS support improved.

NSA Deployable Radar
- View range reduced.
- Perception reduced.

NSA Support Weapon Radar
- View range reduced.
- Perception reduced.


Viron Mortar Trooper
- (2) Smoke time to live increased.
- (1 & 2) Movement speed increased.

Viron Gas Engineer
- (2) Repair amount reduced.

Viron Grenade Vehicle
- (2) Weapon range increased.
- (2) Projectile speed increased.
- (2) Torment aura decreased.
Viron Thumper
- (1) - Weapon range increased.
- (1) - Weapon spread decreased.
- (1) - Projectile speed increased.
- (2) - Armor cloud range decreased.
- (2) - Armor mod. decreased.

Viron Screamer
- (1) - Weapon spread radius decreased.
- (1) - Weapon damage changed from anti-p. -> machinegun.
- (1) - Damaged reduced.
- (2) - Torment cloud modifier reduced.
- (2) - Movement speed increased from.

Viron Contaminator
- (1) - Direct Damage changed to Blast damage.
- (1) - Damage reduced.
- (1) - Weapon speed increased.
- (1) - Weapon ROF increased.
- (1) - Movement speed increased.
- (2) - Movement speed increased.

Viron Surveilance Helidyne
- (2) - Perception chanced.

Viron Deployable sensor
- View range reduced.
- Perception range reduced.

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