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'SÖLDNER: Secret Wars' - v30770 Beta Update Patch & Server Available NOW

by Judy on Nov. 13, 2004 @ 8:41 p.m. PST

Jowood has released yet another first patch for Wing Simulations' multiplayer shooter SÖLDNER: Secret Wars. This v30770 beta patch optimizes camera code, addresses plenty of gameplay issues, bug and game crash fixes but also adds new maps (St Rebecca / Hell Village), new vehicles, and new weapons. Read more for details and download links ...

Get the Soldner v30770 Patch off WP (48mb)

Get the Soldner v30770 Dedicated Server off WP (220mb)

The beta update includes all previous changes. You only need to install beta patch v30770. If you have any kind of mods installed, please remove them before installing the update otherwise Soldner's Anti Cheat Tool WACHE will take actions.

Changelist v30770


• New camera code: Players should experience a smoother, more responsive action from the camera now when looking around the level. Prior to this it cached data and was stuttering when you looked around.
• Allowed players to action the run control during reloading animations.
• Chat sound changed to a walkie talkie sfx.
• Fixed bug where dead players were able to enter vehicle.
• Fixed Jesus pose when leaving commander mode inside vehicle.
• Fixed crash if someone is killed during item interactions (Medikit or Toolkit)
• Fixed: floating in the air after using PlayerMap with 'M' or entering commander mode.
• Fixed: messed up passenger animations after seat change.
• Fixed: Toolkit-Vehicle Jesus bug and freezer, but toolkit must be unequipped before a vehicle can be entered.


• Corrected both MP5 iron sights.
• Added weapon: HK G3A3 ZF.
• Added weapon: HK G36 Big Magazine.
• Added weapon: AK 47 Big Magazine.
• G3A3 ironsight CamPos fixed.
• Sniper kit: Wrong invalidation conditions, fixed.
• VSS Vintorez: Firerate in full-auto mode changed.
• Fixed: Sniperkit won't unhide player if you use the grenade-launcher of OICW / M4.
• Steyr AUG price set to 3600.
• Fixed: crash during weapon reloading.


• Tweaked the !rcon failsafe feature: A space before an !rcon command no longer publicly reveals the password.
• Added map: St Rebecca.
• Added map: Hell Village.
• Fixed Engineer kit CTD.
• Cash rewards generated from unrelated kills corrected.
• Moved several terminals away from fences to avoid glitching.
• Removed lonely lamp on 'Finding Lenin'.
• Fixed some crashes that occured during death animations.
• Fixed: Fastlane: no equipment to buy in HQ Red.
• Fixed: Kuranova and Fish Haven: Vehicle spawn locations.
• Fixed: K-Town: HQ Red: objects in houses.
• Fixed: Multiple map errors (Powerbase,Winterbase,Fastlane)
• Added: Spectator may see player names (config.ini setting: spectatorSeeNames = 1)
• Added: Limit names for spectators to members of previous team (config.ini setting: teamSpectator=1)
• Stars vertex buffer changed to dynamic in hope to fix the problem with nVidia cards.
• Dropped goal item (briefcase/flag) upon entering a vehicle fixed.
• Sound is now present in spectator mode again.
• Forever burning vehicle bug fixed.
• Destroyed vehicle preventing use of terminal, even after debris have disappeared fixed.
• Lenskoje: Added pistol and rifles to terminal at HQ Blue.
• Software skin deformer are more safe now (rare bug).
• Fixed: !rcon server and rcon password issues.


• Added vehicle: Marder.
• Added vehicle: VCC Dardo.
• Added vehicle: Mowag Piranha.
• Fixed: Vehicles take damage from running people over.
• Removed Q5 Fantan due to a terminal error.
• Increased fire-rate of PCV Jeep, UH60 and Humvee.
• Fixed texture of HDT-10P.

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