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'Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3' (PS2) Kicks its Way Into Stores

by Judy on Nov. 16, 2004 @ 7:24 a.m. PST

Atari today announced it has shipped Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 for the PlayStation2, with a nationwide retail in-store date of November 23.

In support of the launch, Atari is also introducing a Budokai 3 Limited Edition, which includes an exclusive Broly® Chibi toy; a behind-the-scenes bonus DVD featuring Behind the Screams: The Making of Budokai 3; the Budokai(TM) 3 "Super Trailer" video, and access to exclusive information on the first-ever Dragon Ball Z® action game, Dragon Ball Z®: Sagas coming to U.S. video game consoles next year.

According to data from the NPD Group, Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) was the top-selling fighting game in 2002 and 2003, with Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) and Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) 2 combining to sell more than 2.9 million units in the U.S. - (according to NPD's August 2004 report, includes PS2 and GC SKUs.)

"The Budokai(TM) series of Dragon Ball Z® games has established itself as a successful fighting franchise in part because its in-game features have consistently become more sophisticated and authentic with each new product introduction," said Matt Collins, Director of Brand Marketing for Atari's Beverly Studio. "This year's installment takes the biggest gameplay leap forward yet with the introduction of the Saiyan Overdrive Fighting System, making Budokai 3 the best DBZ® fighting game ever made."

Via this new Saiyan Overdrive Fighting engine, Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) 3 more faithfully replicates the epic Dragon Ball Z battles that define the animated series, allowing players to:

  • Go airborne at all times (Bukujutsu Flight)
  • Defend with Teleportation Counters
  • Pinball opponents with Teleportation Tornado Combos
  • Launch the most cinematic DBZ assaults ever with Dragon Rush Attacks

Dragon Ball® Z fans can customize more than 40 of their favorite characters from Dragon Ball Z®, Dragon Ball GT®, and DBZ® movies in single-player modes, or challenge a friend using multiplayer mode.

Dragon Ball Z® airs on Cartoon Network's Toonami Block and is the top-rated cable program among tweens 9-14 and males 12-24. Web sites for the Dragon Ball franchise receive more than 8 million hits per day and the term "Dragonball" was a Top 10 search term on the Lycos 50 Daily Report for 200 consecutive weeks. With more than $3 billion in related merchandising worldwide and over 15 million home videos sold, the Dragon Ball brand has created a new standard for animated action series.

Created by DIMPS, the successful developer of the two previous Budokai(TM) games, Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) 3 and Dragon Ball Z®: Budokai(TM) 3 Limited Edition is rated 'T' for Teen and is available for the suggested retail prices of $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.

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