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'ESPN College Hoops 2K5' (PS2/Xbox) Dunks its Way To Stores

by Judy on Nov. 17, 2004 @ 11:01 a.m. PST

ESPN Videogames today announced that ESPN College Hoops 2K5 is now shipping to retailers for both the PS2 and Xbox. ESPN College Hoops 2K5 delivers the most realistic college hoops experience by introducing new gameplay features including an all new passing system called Pass-N-Go, a deep new franchise offering titled Legacy Mode, enhanced ESPN presentation, and new visuals that promise gamers the most authentic 'college hoops' experience on the market.

The innovative Pass-N-Go passing system allows gamers to utilize two different passing techniques, regular directional passing and lead passing to beat their opponents to the hoop. These two passing mechanics give the user freedom to pass to the open man, or make a riskier lead pass that leads a teammate to the basket. Both passing buttons also feature advanced controls where a gamer can perform a give-n-go pass or an alley-oop at great risk, but can result in an even greater reward.

Legacy Mode starts the player in the role of a head coach for a "small-time" college program. The player must learn how to manage the elements of recruiting the right talent, scouting potential players, and teaching suitable skills in order to improve the current team's win record. By balancing budget and time resources properly, the gamer will attain specific goals and improve his or her attributes. Players who can continue a successful coaching trend may be offered new positions at prominent colleges. Accepting new job offers gives the player better budget resources, allowing for better recruiting and scouting. As they progress through their career, Legacy Mode players will receive new and more difficult goals to accomplish.

ESPN College Hoops 2K5 promises sports fans unparalleled ESPN telecast-style presentation featuring the return of Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick giving all the play-by-play and more stylized wipes and graphics. Enhanced audio in ESPN College Hoops 2K5 delivers the most accurate crowd noise, college chants and fight songs.

ESPN Videogames are produced by Visual Concepts -- SEGA's sports studio.

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