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'Feel the Magic: XY/XX' (NDS) Ships To Retail

by Judy on Nov. 18, 2004 @ 2:51 p.m. PST

SEGA today announced the release of Feel the Magic: XY/XX (also known as Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru in Japan), its highly-stylized launch title for the Nintendo DS System. Developed by SONICTEAM, Feel the Magic XY/XX is a quirky, interactive adventure that offers an innovative experience through new methods of play.

Leveraging the unique touch-screen and voice-recognition interfaces offered by the DS hardware, Feel the Magic: XY/XX challenges gamers to switch from tapping and rubbing the touch screen to screaming and blowing into the microphone to control character actions. As unique as the control system, the surreal, humor-driven story follows an "average Joe" who enlists the help of the Rub Rabbits, a suave gang of dramatic performers who wear plastic rabbit ears, to help him capture the attention of a beautiful young woman.

"When new hardware hits retail, consumers look for innovative titles that push the technological limits of the platform," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of Entertainment Marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "Feel the Magic: XY/XX does this and more with hip, '70s-style silhouette images and retro sound design."

Impress your love interest throughout a series of madcap performances that will have players cleaning the girl, flicking scorpions off her back, distracting raging bulls from her path, and blowing their sail boat in her direction. Winning her affection is just the beginning when a rival threatens to get in the way. Will our hero ever be able to feel the magic of true love?

Feel the Magic: XY/XX is rated "T" for Teen and is available at retailers nationwide for an MSRP of $29.95.

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