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'Galactic Civilizations: Deluxe Edition' - Screens

by Judy on Nov. 23, 2004 @ 10:30 a.m. PST

Galactic Civlizations Deluxe Edition brings together the original award-winning, turn-based strategy ‘Game of the Year’; Galactic Cvilizations and the Altarian Prophecy Expansion Pack into one gameplay-packed box.

Galactic Civilizations: Deluxe Edition is a bundled special edition of Stardock's award winning space strategy game, Galactic Civilizations. The deluxe edition adds a host of new features, content and other enhancements to the game to add depth and much greater playability.

Included in the deluxe edition is the original galactic civilization and the "Altarian Prophecy" which is a campaign that takes the player on a multi-game journey to solve the mystery alluded to in Galactic civilizations. In doing so, it introduces to new civilizations: The domination of the Korx and the Drath. These two civilizations hold the secret to Altaria's past, but worse, they know the Altarian Prophecy that foretell the destruction of the galaxy that is connected to Altaria's past.

Galactic Civilizations is a remake of the popular 1994 32bit OS/2 game of the same name. It became one of the best selling consumer products on the OS/2 platform and won several gaming accolades, including 'Game of the Year' from the Internet PC Games World Charts, beating Doom, Masters of Orion and even Descent for most highly recommended game.

Galactic Civilizations is a strategy game set in space at the dawn of the 23rd century, where you become the leader of the human civilization. Players can use military, technological, economic or political might to become a major power in the galaxy and must also research new technologies, colonize and defend planets, construct Space Stations, initiate social improvements, build a fleet, fight wars, win elections and gain influence in the United Planets Security council.

The game is won when all the races become united in a galactic alliance, someone researches technology that takes them beyond mortality or one civilization conquers the opposition with their military might.

The Altarian Prophecy introduces a variety of new features and content to the game including two new alien civilizations: the Korx and the Drath, and an all-inclusive campaign called the Altarian Prophecy. Other highlights include 10 built-in scenarios, 10 custom maps and 4 new unique ships. New map, campaign and scenario editors will allow players to design their own galaxies, build their own campaigns and oversee specific game settings.

Galactic Civilizations is a space-based strategy game in which the player becomes the leader of the human civilization at the dawn of the 23rd century where 6 major civilizations are in a heated race to colonize, conquer, and dominate the galaxy using whatever means necessary. The game was originally released in March 2003 and won a host of awards including Computer Games Magazine's Editor's Choice Award, Games Domain's Top Game Award, Wargamer's Reader's Choice Award 2003 and GameSpy's Turn-Based Strategy Game of the Year 2003 Award.

Key Features

  • New Civilizations to play: Two new major alien civilizations with their own artificial intelligence engines.
  • Huge campaigns: A new campaign called "The altarian prophecy" that explores the history of one of the major alien civilizations.
  • Game Editor: A Map editor that allows players to design their own custom maps. A scenario editor that enables players to create specific game environments. The scenario editor also allows players to tweak the various game rules and settings, triggers to generate custom winning conditions, and much more. A Campaign editor allows users to create a set of games that are linked together to tell a story. "The Altarian Prophecy" is the included campaign that takes players deep into the Galactic Civilizations mythos to give the back story about the alien civilization, Altarian Republic.
  • Heaps of New Content: Dozens of new technologies, ships, planetary improvements, game tweaks, game setup options, and more.
  • Replayability: All in all, the deluxe edition will include hundreds of new features and improvements that will enable players to extend their game playing involvement of Galactic Civilizations. The game is readily playable by casual gamers and includes a powerful and sophisticated AI and game mechanics that makes each gaming experience different and highly addictive.

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