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'Martin Mystere' - Screens & Trailer

by Judy on Nov. 24, 2004 @ 12:44 a.m. PST

Martin Mystére is an international comic character that is finally making his debut in the video game market. An emiment professor of MIT has been found murdered, and someone is working on a revolutionary machine capable of changing the world's destiny, making this the most dangerous mystery yet for Martin Mystére! Read more for screens & trailer...

Get the Martin Mystere Trailer off WP (29mb)

UK airing is currently being discussed with a number of TV channels.” Commented COO for GMX Media Eugene Perry. “After 2 months of bi-weekly airing on Canadian YTV, Martin Mystere is now the #1 rated domestic series on Canadian TV, beat out only by a few American series such as Fairly Odd Parents and Sponge Bob, broadcast in typically high ratings slots. The title promises to be one of the best adventure games of the year.”

After two years of intense job development with Alfredo Castelli, Martin Mystere’s author, Artematica are very pleased to announce with GMX Media what they consider the best adventure title to date!

Riccardo Cangini Artematica CEO "We have found GMX Media to be an extremely competent and particularly careful partner, these are essential conditions to any developer in establishing a long lasting and satisfactory partnership."

    • A new enthusiastically adventure game based on Dorian Gray comic story of Martin Mystére.
    • Very strong, scheming story for a real 3D Adventure; a history that no player will forget!
    • Backed by an international comic and TV cartoon series license;
    • A really Hi-quality 3D amazing graphic interactive world;
    • Innovative 3D Real-Time and full motion video comic style;
    • A cinematographic direction with exciting Dolby Digital Surround music backgrounds;


Martin Mystére is an international comic character, published in USA by Dark Horse, in Italy by Bonelli Editore, and published in some other countries like France, German, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Brazil, India, Turkey...

Marathon, a French animation company, has produced the TV CARTOONS SERIES that is being broadcast in many countries starting 2004


It's a story based on Dorian Gray recurring dreams: everlasting youth immortality.

Prof. Eulemberg, important researcher of M.I.T., was found murdered.

Somebody is working on a incredible revolution machine, capable to change world destiny's...

Somewhere, an old sick cirrhosis tramp declare, "I'm Martin Mystere", but, of course it's impossible...

There isn't time, there isn't a rational explanation and probably this is the worst incredible and dangerous mystery for Martin Mystere!

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