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Various Game Trailers Available NOW

by Judy on Nov. 24, 2004 @ 12:47 p.m. PST

Another day, another batch of game trailers were released. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are trailers for :

  • Earth 2160 - Trailer
  • Oddworld Stranger's Wrath - Trailer (2)
  • Fire Department 2 - Trailer #2
  • Prince of Persia: Warrior Within - Theatrical Trailer

Get the Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Trailer off WP (21/18mb)


Get the Earth 2160 Trailer off WP (90/20mb)

Only a few thousand humans managed to escape from the Earth before its collapse in 2150 A.D. They spent the next few years on the terra forming of the red planet, developing new technologies and building up new civilisations. Somehow each of the three fractions "Eurasian Dynasty", "United Civilised States" and "Lunar Corporation" did this independently and separately from each other - but in the year 2160 something strange happens in this new world.

Get the Fire Department 2 Trailer off WP (16mb)

Monte Cristo Games and Focus are working on a sequel to last year's strategy game Fire Department (known in the US as Emergency Fire Response). Fire Department 2 will feature a lot of improvements and new features such as multiplayer capabilities, better AI, control over a larger amount of units, improved graphics, five campaigns and of course more realism.

Get the Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Theatrical Trailer off WP (8mb)

In order to accomplish his mission, the Prince benefits from a brand new free-form fighting system that allows gamers to channel his anger as they wage battle without boundaries. Each game fan will find his or her own unique fighting style as they manipulate their environment and control the Ravages of Time. You can dig into an arsenal of weapons that, when used in combination, create advanced arm attacks that verge on fatal artistry.

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