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Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: CDV
Developer: Nival Interactive

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'Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder' - Screens

by Judy on Nov. 24, 2004 @ 11:54 a.m. PST

Ride alongside General George S. Patton in a massive historical 18-mission campaign. Follow the tank legend across 7 countries, beginning in the deserts of North Africa and ending in the frozen Ardennes forest during the Battle of the Bulge.

Missions include the landings at Casablanca, the battle for North Africa, Operation Husky (the invasion of Sicily in 1943), the breakout and bridgehead in Normandy (Operation Cobra), the Falaise Gap, the race through France, the Battle of the Bulge, Commando Operation Hammelburg (Patton attempts to rescue his son-in-law from a German POW camp), capture of a secret underground weapons factory in Pilsen, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Massive 18 mission linked General Patton campaign
  • 8 Additional Single Player Missions
  • New Theaters of War: Australia and New Guinea, Siberia, Spain, and the frozen Ardennes forest.
  • New Unique Units: Arabian snipers, Norwegian infantry, and Russian partisans.
  • Infantry Ambushes: New ambush mode allows infantry to hide from enemy units until the player decides to fire the first volley for maximum surprise and combat impact.
  • New Mission Objectives: Amphibian landings, enemy commando operations, disclosure of vital combat information through the capture of prisoners of war, etc.
  • Advanced Campaign System: The accomplishment of difficult mission objectives is rewarded with additional bonus points, as are those missions completed quickly.
  • Advanced Resource Management: Capture of train depots, harbors, tank factories, landing strips, and airports ensures a steady supply of reinforcements for the player – or the opponent!
  • Greater Gameplay Balance: The player now determines the most appropriate reinforcement types for a tactical situation. The AI also has greater flexibility in requesting reinforcements most advantageous to its situation. In key missions, the AI also varies its starting positions and unit dispersion for greater challenge and replay value.
  • Realistic AI Response to Snipers: When player snipers become too successful in eliminating vital equipment crews, the AI now actively searches and eliminates snipers.
  • New Buildings: Addition of the Atlantic Wall, new bunkers, castles, secret tunnels and passages, and Mediterranean farms increase geographic realism. Winter textures have been added for Central and Western European buildings.
  • Countless New and Enhanced Units: Winter textures have been added to U.S. units. More horsepower for the successful completion of difficult missions including the Sherman “Jumbo” and Sherman HSVV. Additional air support: Grumman F6F Hellcat and P51 Mustang. More variety: Ju-87A “Legion Condor”, BT-5 tank, TB3 bomber, and the Churchill Mk. VII tank.

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