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Club Football 2005

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'Club Football 2005' - Update Patch #2 Available NOW

by Judy on Nov. 25, 2004 @ 11:42 a.m. PST

Get the Club Footbal 2005 patch #2off WP (21mb)


Please also note, this patch supersedes the previous one: all the fixes from Patch 1 are included in Patch 2, so you can patch directly from your original install to patch 2 (no need to install 1, then 2). If you have already used patch 1, patch 2 will overwrite it automatically.

Patch #2 fixes :

  • Fixed several issues caused by losing or drawing a match that would guarantee your team a win in a league tournament
  • Fixed a crash caused by dragging from the selection list in a custom tournament
  • Fixed a problem that could occasionally cause players to be rendered incorrectly
  • Player's names are now displayed on the back of their shirts in the 'Viewer'
  • It is no longer possible to leave a player / tournament name blank
  • Fixed an issue with the match introduction commentary
  • Fixed an issues with replays occasionally being cut short
  • Fixed the 'View Readme' button in the launcher so it now works in Windows 98
  • Fixed some issues caused by using the numpad keys in the front end
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an 'out of range' refresh rate to be used in certain resolutions
  • A lower refresh rate is now chosen at first boot (this can be changed in the launcher)
  • Fixed a problem with a texture at Grensall Road
  • Fixed an issue with the replay menu disappearing after a penalty shootout
  • Fixed several issues with shadows
  • Increased volume of crowd cheering when a goal is scored
  • Fixed mouse navigation in the Club Album and Stadium Tour
  • Fixed a bug were certain menus would not loop top to bottom
  • Several Controller issues fixed
  • Multiple translations added / corrected
  • Several text overlaps corrected
  • Several sound issue have been corrected
  • Removed some references to the console version

Patch #1 fixes :

  • Some console data, an "insert controller" message in the front end has been removed.
  • Custom Tournaments had an issue with dragging teams from the selection list which caused a crash to desktop. This has been fixed.
  • It is now impossible to have a blank tournament/player name: if blank it will revert to the last selected valid name.
  • Looping audio has been removed from replays
  • The "viewer" function in create-a-player could not display players names on the back of their shirts: this has now been implemented.
  • Drawing or losing the match which guarantees your team wins any league tournament could cause problems, which have now all been fixed.
  • Some of the audio files were not being called correctly, meaning some in-game audio was missing: it has now been reinstated.
  • Gary Lineker's introduction to a match was sometimes corrupted meaning that he would reel off the entire directory of comments. This has been fixed.
  • Auto-Replays after a goal had been scored were being cut short, they are now full length.
  • A problem with the game code meant that players could briefly become inverted, or inside out. This will no longer occur.
  • In Windows 98, the "view readme" button on the launcher did not work. It is now functional
  • Text could overlap if tournament names were too long: the names are now fixed to be shorter.
  • Keys on the number pad could cause issues in the front end, and in replay menus which are now fixed.
  • In Windows XP, using high resolutions on the first boot of the game could cause the monitor to use very high refresh rates, which some older monitors could report as being "out of range". It is now locked to a much lower value.
  • A texture has been "repaired" at Grensall Road under the microphones and policemen.
  • Some text has been cleaned up on the End Of Season screen to alleviate some overlapping.

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